Parliament can save J&K from further death & destruction, President should act now or never  

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Parliament can save J&K from further death   & destruction, President should act now or never  

 Jammu, June 22:     Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has urged the President of India to intervene without any further delay in his capacity as the custodian of Constitution vis-à-vis Autonomy ridden state of J&K which has been passing through the most dangerous period in its history since 1947. NPP Supremo in a strong appeal to the President of India who is literally a Viceroy vis-à-vis J&K within the meaning and scope of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution though this provision was temporary yet it has survived for nearly 70 years thanks to the Parliament of India.

            Prof.Bhim Singh appealed to all the Members of the Parliament from different areas of the country and different political groups and parties to take up the situation in J&K on urgent footing because the situation is taking a dangerous turn which may threaten the unity and the integrity of the entire nation. NPP Supremo appealed to all the political parties in Parliament to go ahead with the process to merge J&K with the rest of the country as was done in 1950 in respect of 575 States to form Union of India. The NPP Supremo said that two states namely Hyderabad and Junagarh had not merged or even signed the Instrument of Accession but they were also included in the List of the States which floated the Union of India on 26th January, 1950. J&K was left out. This is not the time to blame the people who committed this mistake knowingly or unknowingly. It was a blunder. Question rises what a party/parties in power at the Centre have done since they came to power under the leadership of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi three years back.

            Prof.Bhim Singh said that Army is no replacement to maintain public order or law an order in the interiors of J&K. It is police and the police is controlled by the local government what you call state government. He said that there is no trace of local government/civil government in J&K. The Govt. is kept in the shadows only because RSS/BJP has come to power for the first and may be last time in the State of J&K.

            Prof.Bhim Singh urged President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee to act in accordance in the power vested in him under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. NPP Supremo, a Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court and a leading Constitutional lawyer said that proviso in Article 370 was buried in the political grave of J&K the day J&K Assembly was constituted and its own Constitution was applied on 26th January, 1956. The proviso which restrained the power of the President in 370, Clause-3 was buried in the grave of the Constitutional history in 1956 when J&K merged into the Union of India  with its own Constitution which declared that J&K is integral part of the Union of India.

            Prof.Bhim Singh said that President of India has unlimited power because he is holding the powers that the Viceroy of India enjoyed before 26th January, 1950 since the Constitution of India in its totality has not been promulgated in the State of J&K. It is President of India who has unlimited power in spite of the Union Govt. to act vis-à-vis State of J&K. What is happened in Kashmir today a shocking, what happened yesterday was unforgivable but what is going to happen tomorrow can threaten the National Integration. This is President of India to act now or never.


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