Police foiled the  meeting of joint resistance leadership at the Hyderpora residence of Hurriyat (G) Syed Ali Geelani.

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Police foiled the  meeting of joint resistance leadership at the Hyderpora residence of Hurriyat (G) Syed Ali Geelani.

Mirwaiz was once again put under house arrest and  Yasin Malik arrested and lodged in Subjail Kothi bagh.

Srinagar, June 05: The Joint resistance leadership said that the scheduled meeting between them and members of business community was barred by the anti Kashmir ruling regime through  force, while Syed Ali Geelani continues to be under house arrest and all roads leading to his house firmly sealed. Mirwaiz Umar was once again put under house arrest and Mohammad Yasin Malik arrested and lodged in Subjail Kothi bagh.


Pic by, Shah Jehangir/FK

The joint leadership said not allowing them to meet has become the norm for the state authorities who have to keep up the farce of “normalcy ” through repression at the bidding of their masters in New Delhi otherwise they will be shown the door by them.

The joint leadership said that people and leadership are and will continue to pursue their movement for right to self determination till it is achieved. Referring to the raids being conducted by the Indian agencies Joint leadership said  such moves to intimidate and harass pro freedom leaders and activists is Government of India’s acceptance that it has not been able to politically defeat the people’s struggle for freedom in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Government of India has completely failed in crushing the people’s revolt, despite its largest military concentration in the world in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, who have unleashed a reign of terror and torture upon the people for the past seven decades inflicting untold miseries upon the masses. 

Yet all repressive means and methods adopted to defeat or subdue the people’s and leaderships unflinching resolve  and commitment to their struggle for freedom have miserably failed. Kashmirs are defiant.  They have made up their mind that they will get their fundamental right even if they are killed blinded tortured maimed made to disappear jailed detained terrorized harassed beaten or humiliated , as is the norm in the valley. They will not be terrorized into submission.

The chief of the Indian army openly said that  “the army is here to instill fear in the people “as his political colleagues in power endorsed that “all is fair in war “and “it is the discretion of the army to take action as they deem fit in the war zone of Kashmir.”

After these brazen admissions of being at war with unarmed civilian population of Kashmir and all being fair in such an unequal war ,it comes as no surprise that this government can stoop to any level or employ any bullying means to intimidate pro freedom activists and leaders  and traders in order to shift focus from the people’s revolt against occupation and  their insistence on getting their fundamental right. And  In order to maintain the status quo as GOI does not wish to deal with the issue at hand while making all out efforts to malign and sideline the resistance leadership.

The high decibel propaganda rather vilification campaign and the prejudices and biases being promoted against the people of Kashmir, the leadership the  business community ,the youth or even the students now ,through most  Indian electronic media whose interests are backed by the Government  of India and many of who are on the pay roll of their agencies is part of the aggressive strategy adopted to undermine and weaken the people’s movement and distort the narrative of the Kashmir dispute  in order to mislead.

Pic by, Shah Jehangir/FK

Leadership said, as it has been for the masses life for pro freedom leadership, activists and workers was never  to be expected to be a bed of roses. The leadership knows that being in the forefront of representing a subjugated people’s political aspirations and rights they will be subject to all kinds of pressures and harassment at the hands of those from whom they are seeking their rights but who are suffering from arrogance of power and might.Incarceration ,solitary confinements ,detentions or even worse  is and will be their fate. They experience it daily. And like those they lead ,their commitment to the cause of self determination for people is firm and their promise to represent the just cause and work towards its resolution made to the people and the creator ,is for as long as they live . The leadership is ready to face every challenge thrown its way .

The leadership said that post Friday prayers peaceful protest will be held across the valley against the witch hunt coercion and intimidation of resistance activist’s leaders and members of business community. People will also strongly protest the Indian electronic medias propaganda war against Kashmiri’s and its shameless attempt to discredit people’s freedom struggle.


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