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Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, Khomein e Sageer

Srinagar, June 12: Ayatollah Syed Rohullah Khomeini (r.a) the leader of Islamic Revolution of Iran has remained among the most powerful personalities of the world. Who approximately has contributed Islam with 80 prominent books and a evergreen revolution as a gift. Simultaneously he has inspired billions of people across the global with his unique character, thus Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoob Al Zakzaky ,is also the best gift presented by him. Surely Ayatollah Rohullah Khomeini is remembered every time event where but at the same time his precious gift (Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky is forgotten.

However I am going present you his main achievements, products, fruits. Rohullah Khomeini (r.a) was not only leader limited to Islamic revolution of Iran but he had sowed the seeds of Islamic Revolution through all the fertile corners of the world.

Likewise the seed that was sowed grew mature and begin to put forth fruits, the fruit like Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky  the leader of non violent peaceful organization (Islamic Movement of Nigeria).Born on May 5 1953 is the most leading and reputed Islamic scholar in African continent. Currently he is honored by billions of followers through out the globe. And is lovingly called as (Khomeini-e-Sageer) The Younger Khomeini. Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky set the foundation of the Islamic movement in the late 1970s during his studies at Ahmadu Bello university and began promoting Islamic movements around 1979.When Islamic revolution of Iran headed by Ayatollah Imam Khomeini (r.a) had reached its peak.

Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky was greatly impressed by the Islamic Revolution which was against anti Islamic governance, oppression. Therefore the main ideological point of Islamic Revolution of Iran was adopted by Islamic Movement of Nigeria lead by Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, stand against oppression and discrimination whether religious, political, economic, racial or social. He up rose against evil as Imam Hussain (a.s) up rose against yazeed (l.a).Thus heartily titled as (Hussain-e-Zaria),further Zaria titled as (Karbala-e-Sageer).

Although Sheik Ibrahim Zakzaky was not present at Karbala, but he practically answered the call of Imam Hussain (a.s),that “is there anyone to join me” today I can tell you that remembering the Martyrs of Zaria means to remember the Martyrs of Karbala. Remembering the greatest Martyrs of Islam 72  (Shodaa-e-Karbala) is among the greatest worships of Islam. Now can you take your eyes to the Zaria Massacre where approximately 1000 IMN members were brutally martyred including the six beloved sons of  Hussain e Zaria Sheik Ibrahim Zakzaky. They have been martyred on opposing the evil governance of Nigeria and Nigerian army during the sacred and peaceful processions of Arbaeen and Al-Quds Day.

Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (Khomeini e Sageer) was shot too repeatedly during the attack, heartily his image reminds me the image of Imam Hussain (a.s), body covered with big arrows similarly the body of Sheikh was covered with bullets and blood.

Not enough to bear, the moment father leads the funeral prayers of his 3 beloved sons in a que martyred at the same time.

This blood revolution is seem to be neglected by some Islamic scholars globally on openly saying “Why we have to deal with this massacre “ forgetting the famous slogan Every day is Ashura ,every land is Karbala. This surely indicates whenever you find a character like Yazeed ,then the character like Hussain (a.s) should up rise to overthrow the Yazeedi Character as did so Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. Karbala is the name of developing sense (Sha o or) in a dead society. It is the name of life in a dead Ummaht (nation). In that society on of the filthiest of worms was Yazeed (lla)and became their leader. Imam Hussain(a.s) up rose against that dirty worm to establish pure image of Islam.

Now his lesson has been practiced by Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky who entirely sacrificed his every beloved belongs. And is more strong to scarify whatever remained.

My heart beats increase while writing the tragedies faced by Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, after sacrificing his six beloved sons the leader with his wife Zeenah Zakzaky has been under detention in a unknown place.

Despite sacrificing her beloved six sons she too is more courageous to scarify more she possesses in the way Almighty Allah. Surely played the role of Bibi Zainab (s.l.a) in  Karbala e Sageer.

She became role model for thousands and millions of revolutionary mothers , thus surely salute the mother of revolution. 

Now the oppressed who are in need of voice, for their beloved leader and his wife has been taken away from them. However I embraced the responsibility to remind the Muslim Ummah a glimpse of Khomeini Sageer  on the   death anniversary of Khomeini Kabeer (Ayatollah Syed Rohullah Khomeini) .

By: Saif Ali Budgami

M.A. Pol.Science,M.A.  C. Journalism

Email: [email protected]


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