Slaughtering cow:Shaheen placed under house arrest

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By Fast Kashmir on 01/06/2017. 1 Comment

Slaughtering cow:Shaheen placed under house arrest

Srinagar, June 1: Police Thursday placed Janata Dal (United) State President GM Shaheen under house detention to prevent from slaughtering a cow and organizing a beef party in Srinagar on Friday.

     In a bid to oppose the ban on slaughter and sale of cattle in India, GM Shaheen, State President of India’s mainstream political party JD(U) had declared that it will organize a beef party and will slaughter a cow in broad day light on Friday in Solina area of Srinagar city.

    Spokesperson of the party said that a police party arrived at Mr Shaheen’s Rajbagh based residence and prevented him from venturing outside the house.

    “In order to stop me from slaughtering the cow, authorities have placed me under house arrest. This is utterly shameful. Now a government decides and dictates to people what that should eat and what they should avoid,” Shaheen told CNS.  


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