Stop shamelessly targeting students and youth: NC to PDP

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By Fast Kashmir on 10/06/2017. 2 Comments

Stop shamelessly targeting students and youth: NC to PDP

Sakina Ittoo leads massive protest march in Damhal


Srinagar, Jun 10: National Conference on Saturday lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government for its anti-youth and repressive policies and asked the Mehbooba Mufti Government to stop targeting students and youth in various parts of the Valley. Senior National Conference Leader and Former Cabinet Minister, Sakina Ittoo led a huge protest march at Damhal Hanjipora against the Government’s continued persecution of the youth which was adding to the already alarming level of alienation on the ground. 
Addressing the protest march which started from local NC Office at Damhal Hanjipora and marched till Main Chowk SDM Office, Sakina Ittoo said the targeted harassment of youth and students – even in their college and school premises – was unprecedented and had exposed PDP’s rhetoric as false and distorted. “A situation has arisen now where our young children are not safe even within their schools and colleges as the Government has authorized use of excessive force even in academic premises. This shameless policy has further alienated the youth and is also a direct attack on our children’s Right to Education and Protection”, Sakina Ittoo said in a statement to KNS.
The Senior National Conference Leader said the PDP-BJP Government had authorized the use of live ammunition and lethal force on unarmed protestors and was shamelessly portraying the resulting loss of lives as a fault of those who are killed. “Our Chief Minister went on record to blame the slain children for getting killed and justified such killings by casting aspersions on their characters and motivations. Rather than expressing solidarity with their families, Mehbooba Mufti mocked at these bereaving families in their moment of inconsolable loss and grief. Nothing can be more shocking and unfortunate”, the Senior NC Leader added while addressing the protest. 
Expressing alarm at the volatile situation in the education sector, Sakina Ittoo said the Government’s policy was increasing hostility and making it harder for students to concentrate on their academic pursuits. “If anyone can be blamed for the turmoil and uncertainty at our schools and colleges today – it is the Mehbooba Mufti Government which has declared an open-war on our young students”, she added. 
“On the governance front too – this Government has failed to deliver even basic governance and has pushed the State into the throes of misgovernance, rampant corruption and chaos. The entire administration is being suffocated and has been made answerable to numerous family members of the Chief Minister – adding to the chaos and confusion in key government departments and development agencies”, Sakina Ittoo further added. (KNS)


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