Syed Salahuddin an icon of Kashmir’s freedom movement: Shabir Shah

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By Fast Kashmir on 29/06/2017. 1 Comment

Syed Salahuddin an icon of Kashmir’s freedom movement: Shabir Shah
‘Our Tehreek-e-Azadi doesn’t need anyone’s certificate’

Srinagar, Jun 28: Reacting against the US State Department’s move to designate the prominent pro-freedom leader, the United Jihad Council (UJC) head and the commander-in-chief of Hizbul Mujahideen, Syed Salahuddin, as “global terrorist”, the incarcerated chairman of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP), Shabir Ahmad Shah, on Wednesday said the move won’t have an iota of negative effect on the Kashmir’s freedom struggle.
“By including Syed Salahuddin in the list of global terrorists, the US has found one more customer of its arms in India,” Shah said in a statement issued to KNS.
Shah said the freedom movement of Jammu Kashmir doesn’t need anyone’s certificate. He said Kashmiris now realised that the US instead of eradicating the menace of terrorism and coming to the rescue of oppressed nations is backing the very people who are infamous for unleashing the state-sponsored terrorism in their occupied territories.
The DFP chairman said Syed Salahuddin has been at the forefront in the struggle against India’s illegal occupation of Jammu Kashmir and is raising his voice against the atrocities committed by Indian forces in the held territory.
“Even Nelson Mandela was once upon a time declared a terrorist but was later on conferred with the Nobel Peace Prize for his services,” he said.
“We’re duty-bound to support the oppressed people across the world and their movements. While Indians take the name of their freedom hero Bhagat Singh with pride, we also respect the heroes of our freedom movement. Syed Salahuddin is the hero of our Tehreek-e-Azadi.”
Shah said it is ironic that few years ago, the US denied visa to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi saying he has blood of Muslims on his hands but now the America sees a big customer of its arms in Modi.
He termed it “unjustified” to not designating the Indian occupational forces as terrorists as they have been committing worst kind of human rights violations in occupied state for the last 70 years which has claimed the lives of about 6 lakh people.
Terming the “biased” mindset of US president as “bad omen” for the world peace, Shah said the people of Palestine and Kashmir have been struggling for their rights since decades but to sideline their movements and to back the governments of Israel and India amounts to promoting the agenda of “Chengeziyat”.
Shabir Ahmad Shah said the freedom movement of Jammu Kashmir has entered into a phase where it is impossible to stop or crush as the new generation of Kashmir is all up in arms against the illegal occupation and want nothing less than freedom from India.
He also saluted the resilience and pro-freedom spirit of the people of Jammu Kashmir. (KNS)


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