Malik and zonal president Noor Muhammad arrested at Reban Shupian, Had gone to meet Incarcerated Barkati’s family there 

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/06/2017. 4 Comments

Rulers who have even banned meeting with victim families should stop
acclaiming democracy and peace. // Muhammad Yasin Malik
Srinagar, June 11:  chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad
Yasin Malik along with zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal have been
arrested at Reban Shupian this morning. JKLF chairman had gone to
Reban to meet innocent children of incarcerated Moulana Sarjan Barkati
who is languishing in jail despite several court orders to release
him. JKLF chairman early morning today reached Reban and visited the
family of incarcerated Barkati. He enquired about his innocent
children and expressed solidarity with them. After meeting this victim
family JKLF chairman was moving back towards Srinagar but as soon he
stepped out of the house of Moulana Barkati thousands of CRPF men
along with police cordoned the whole area and laid a siege around him
and arrested him along with Noor Muhammad Kalwal and shifted them to
police station Sangam. The crackdown and siege was such as if forces
were apprehending any armed rebel. While Condemning this police
highhandedness in strong terms, JKLF incarcerated chairman Muhammad
Yasin Malik said that he was only visiting a family whose only bread
earner has been put behind bars by the so-called largest democracy and
who is not being released despite repeated court orders.

 He said that
Moulana Sarjan Barkati is a religious preacher who along with other
people participated in peaceful protests against killing spree but
occupational authorities are so afraid of his peaceful activities that
they consider him a big threat and despite repeated court orders to
release him, he is not being released and hence he and his poor family
are suffering at the hands of callous rulers. He said that after
meeting Barkati’s minor children and consoling them, he was moving
back towards Srinagar but as soon as he stepped out of the residence
of Moulana Barkati he found himself besieged by thousands of police
and CRPF men who were posing as if they had to apprehend some armed
rebel. Castigating so-called rulers for this undemocratic and unholy
attitude, JKLF chairman said that such is the level of suppression in
Jammu Kashmir that visiting a victim family is labelled as a crime and
thus banned. He said that so-called biggest democracy and its petty
propagators in Jammu Kashmir have suppressed the voices of thousands
by incarcerating them under black laws and occupational forces
especially police is using every illegal and undemocratic tactic to
prolong their incarceration. JKLF chairman said that jails and police
stations are filled with students, resistance lovers and other people.

Families of these inmates are also being terrorized and humiliated by
police and hence these people are being pushed to the wall and left
with no peaceful political means to raise their voices. He said that
this is an old ploy of occupation which used to subject peaceful youth
and their families to same treatment prior to 1988 and which resulted
in an armed revolution in 1990’s. JKLF chairman said that on one hand
even meeting victim families is banned and on the other hand we are
being taught high moral lessons of democracy and peace by the same
so-called rulers. This is utter hypocrisy and brazen shamelessness of
these so-called rulers who for their lust of power have trampled every
bit of decency and democracy in Kashmir, added Yasin Malik. Stressing
the need of intervention by the international community, JKLF chairman
said that democracy and humanity is being severely trampled in Jammu
Kashmir and it is the duty of International community and human rights
organizations to safeguard these human values and rise above its petty
economic considerations, shun its criminal silence regarding Kashmir
and persuade India to stop subjecting people of Kashmir to state
sponsored terrorism


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