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​”JIHAD , The Holy War ” 

Rakesh Parmaar Director Hyder Kazmi Producer Actor and Alfeya A Shaikh Leading Actress who Bagged National Awards 

Cravings cannot be expressed by words or speech.The film is such a feature with flame inside deminifying the meaning of “JIHAD ” which is commonly referred and understood as ” Terror and Terriosim “. But does anyone know it is all about “Self Restraint to control ones sense and purify the heart and walking on the right path”.  “JIHAD is rather a HOLY WAR “, should we all still Crave for the feature to be released or should we stay still guess so as it is worth a wait. JIHAD bags International recognition by running into the final selection of Toronto International Film Festival and Losangeles Film Festival. Being the most talked about and highly controversial film, JIHAD had earlier won a lot of critical acclaim and appreciative response beyond explanation and imagination.   Now JIHAD has added one more feather to its crown, as JIHAD has now run into the Grand final selection as an official entry for ‘LOS ANGELES Independent Film Festival award 2017”. 
Hyder Kazmi is now not only on cloud nine, but he is also all set to fly off to Global Film festival as an official Guest “Global Revolution film festival 2017″ to be held at Smith Town Performing Arts Center, New York on 25 , 27 August 2017. Kazmi also won the outstanding achievement award under category ” Best Actor ” at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival and Golden Camera Award 2017 for his exemplary work. Kamzi was conferred Dadasahab Phalke Film Foundation Award 2017 for Best Actor in Negative Role.           “JIHAD also bagged NHRSJC ( National Human Rights and Social Justice Commission ) Best Actor Award, Best Actress Award, Best Creative Director Award and Best Film of the year Award”.

On the High Note it is to be mentioned that noted the Spian actor Shri Dilip Kumar said “KHUDA KA DHEN HAI” Hyder Kazmi is an asset to the entire film industry and truly the Gift of God.

ALFEEYA , A  female version of Sachin Tendulkar in the field of Indian Cinema, breaking all barriers and records of debutant innings , National Award Winning Actor Padmashree Mohan Lal.  It is Wonderful that, Alfeeya has won several National and International awards in a very short time span. As an young achiever, we fellow Indians are very proud of her achievement and I am very much eager to work with her. ” Kamzi added”  Alfeeya, leading actress of up coming Hindi Feature Film “JIHAD – The Holy War ”  that gets officially selected as Best Actress Finalist Category at Toronto International “NOLLYWOOD” Flilm Festival award 2017, Best Actress Finalist Category at Losangeles Independent Film Festival award 2017, Global Revolution Film Festival award 2017 along with Producer and Actor Hyder Kazmi, Director Rakesh Parmaar.     Prior to this, Alfeeya has earlier won the NRI achievers Best Debutant Actress Award, National Award for Best Actress from NHRSJC 2017 and National Award for Marketing Excellence as young Achiever of the year 2017 presented by Times Network of India. 

There was a period in Bollywoodian’s nostalgic history when parallel cinema actors like Naseerudin Shah, Late Ompuri, Smitha patil, Shabana Sami and others, were getting meaty parallel roles. But their age and time took its toll and slowly they disappeared into oblivision. Soon enough they were replaced by another set of parallel actors like Irfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddique who also have their share of name and fame in both National and International arena. Now the one name,  that is slowly emerging almost like the saying ” Slow and Steady wins the Race ” is none other than the finest Bollywood actor “Hyder Kazmi”.

Hyder Kazmi has his choice of films already creating waves along with his upcoming film ” JIHAD “. Hyder Kazmi and his JIHAD are gaining well and much deserved recognition both on National and International level. Everyone can safely vouch for the fact that Hyder Kazmi is the latest and brightest star born on parallel cinema and he is also the one star who can equally lend his credence to commercial cinema as well.    Hyder Kazmi, A Delhite is an intense theater actor. He is already an accomplished stage actor who is almost a celebrity in Delhi theater scenario and is most popular theater actor out there having done varied intense and emotional roles in theater arena. 

Later for Bollywood he was discovered by film maker and veteran actor / producer / director Shri Manoj Kumar , who in turn introduced him on the small screen arena with his most talked about small screen serial ” Bharat ke Shaheed ” , wherein Hyder Kazmi has enacted the role of the National Hero named ” Khudiram Bose ” and since then there was no looking back for Kazmi.

Hyder Kazmi says, ” I have decided to do only strong and profound roles, as I strongly believe in doing Quality work rather than garnering the Quantity of work. So I ended up acting in films like path, bobby , kajri and all these three movies were highly and critically acclaimed and also did very well on the Box – Office turnstiles too. Rakesh Parmaar, Our director and Myself were working hard on this subject since last three years and the result was “JIHAD” .    Through this film, we tried to clear the common misconception of the meaning of  JIHAD which is commonly understood as Terror and Terrorism. 

  “JIHAD is all about SELF RESTRAINT to control Ones SENSES and PURIFY the HEART and it has nothing to do with TERRORISM and WALKING ON THE RIGHT PATH as shown by the Islamic Religion and Culture”.       Hyder Kazmi, continues in same breath. “JIHAD” was shot in the actual locales of Jammu and Kashmir, Kupwada Doodhganga, Yousmerg and other places. Mind you shooting in all these locations was extremely difficult and dangerous , but we did it. Besides earlier on, no other Bollywood films were shot there. That part except for me and few other actors, our technicians and all other actors were from Jammu and Kashmir itself. All of them were debutant actors and very raw. So we held special sessions for them before the start of actual shoot and must say that they all passed out with Flying Colors and ended up doing marvellous job. ” Rakesh Parmaar added” 

Hyder Kazmi, An Actor par excellence, further stated ” So you see our film JIHAD is not just based on militants and horrors of terrorism. We have avoided the gory of blood shed in the disguise of unwanted, unasked and even uncalled for terrorism and it’s activities. And at this stage we do not wish to be a spoilt sport for the viewers by revealing even an iota of its one liner. Let the audience see for themselves as JUDGES, whether we have succeeded in presenting  ” The Rightest Film with its Truest meaning in JIHAD or not”.     And most recent update about JIHAD is that, It is creating a lot of heat and hot waves both on National and International film festival circuit.  We have bagged four awards for the fact, JIHAD has already garnered a lot of appreciative curiosity on the Indian soil , the ” DADASAHEB PHALKE FILM FOUNDATION AWARD ” for ” Best Actor ” and there after JIHAD bagged and award in Calcutta International Cult Film Festival ( CICFF ) too.On the International soil, JIHAD is in the finalist category in the Toronto International NOLLYWOOD film festival (TINFF) and then JIHAD is also the official selection in Losangeles Independent film festival awards (LAIFFA) and now it can be truly said that JIHAD is also in the running for Grand Finale with other competative International films.

Telling you the truth , right now I am almost in cloud nine as I am all set to fly to Toronto, Canada to attend TORONTO INTERNATIONAL NOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL ( TINFF ) that too in the capacity of the official guest of the festival,  “Actor Hyder Kazmi added “.          JIHAD is also now all set to be released very soon all over INDIA and I am keeping all my Fingers, Toes and even my Heart crossed. For the Cine goers , huge appreciative response as they can alone who can confer the title on and for JIHAD. 


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