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​Neglected Bunjwah needs Government attention 

By Raja Shafqat Sheikh 

   KISHTWAR AUG 08:          A far flung and remote region of Kishtwar district in Jammu and Kashmir state having status of Tehsil headquarter from 2013 and falling in Inderwal Assembly constituency remain neglected by state government on each and every pattern of development . 

          In this morden era of science and technology and calling digital India , Bunjwah is still in stone age . The Prime Minister flagship programmes , Digital India slogans remains around the offices as no such implementation came on ground . 

        Pic by,  Raja Shafqat Sheikh/FK 

 Being a resident of same region ,  I opinioning the fact of state government and district administration from Independent India , Bunjwah remain neglected . 

          Having so many natural beauties , evergreen forests , meadows , moderate climatic conditions , famous picnic spot Devigoal , Origin of river kalni commonly known as Kali Naag and many more . Despite all these natural decorated beauties , no one pays heed toward Bunjwah as this region became political ground for politicians in befooling the peoples by showing them green gardens . 

          As this region had became political prey of all political parties as no one cames on front to raise the issues of Bunjwah . 

          In this morden era this region is not having better road connectivity , quality education , medical facilities , electricity , safe drinking water , and many more . 

          On the issue of road , that is called the backbone of development in a society , Bunjwah having only one road link having 26 km length upto Patnazi from Dunadi . This 26 km is having three phrases i.e Dunadi Bunjwah road , KewaPull Kither road , Tipri Patnazi road .The first phase of Dunadi Bunjwah road upto Glody was constructed before 2002 that was only 9 km in length .

              Later the work continues from km 09 to km 13 upto Noor that was a part of this road . During 2004 the execution work of Bunjwah road was taken under PMGSY by Contractor Malik Construction Company Batote from km 13 Noor to km 19 upto Government Higher Secondry School Binoon . The said contractor executed work  for construction of road along with PMGSY , but failed in maintaining drainage system and construction of R walls and edge walls on said road . 

             It is important to mention that the agreement made in between contractor and PMGSY is unknown to author .  Later in year 2009 upgradition and improvement of Dunadi Bunjwah road was handed to JKPCC from Dunadi to Noor that is 13 km in length . As the same work was taken under piece worker contractor for its upgradition . 

            Beside this KewaPull Kither road from Noor to Binoon is in worse condition as no one pays heed toward this . On the name of restoration crores of ruppes are withdrawn without maintaining one km road from last one decade . 

            Beside road , Quality education became distant dream of students in various Government schools . Bunjwah having only one Higher Secondry is running under violation of staff , requirement norms , playground , accommodation and many  more . This is the only one institution in Bunjwah that was established in 1930 before

Independent India , that remain neglected as no improvement and modern facilities are not available . It is need of hour to stress upon quality education .

            Pic by,  Raja Shafqat Sheikh/FK 

  Health care system still primitive in Bunjwah , Having only one Primary Health centre in Nali , that is running in few rooms from its establishment . During the rush of patients , doctors faces hardship due to non availability of accommodation and it is tough time to treat them in open mercury . 

               PHE and PDD departments failed in removing old and damaged pipes to provide safe drinking water as some villages are still fetching water from Nallas and spring for their daily use . PDD failed in maintaining electricity

schedule in Bunjwah and removing of old wooden poles as the wires are hanging with green tress . 

              Pic by,  Raja Shafqat Sheikh/FK 

  Despite all these Horticulture and Agriculture department are only name in Bunjwah. The RDD Block Bunjwah failed in maintaining lane drain , pacca paths , tile works , toilets , water tanks , cattle truffs , parks and others in Bunjwah as no one work is taken under proper guidelines on public interest . 

              Bunjwah having its boundary with Himachal Pardesh , Padder and Bhalessa is yet waiting for its development as no one representative pays heed toward development and waiting for tourism sector as Devigoal is one of the famous picnic spot of Bunjwah . 

              It is time to take a look over developmental works in Bunjwah so as the people living there shall take sigh of relief .  It is pertinent to mention that , Will state government take these issues of Bunjwah on peak , it is yet to be mentioned . 

       Pic by,  Raja Shafqat Sheikh/FK 

State Secretary All India Reporters Association , State Media Director World Aid Organisation for Human rights , Incharge International Human Rights Crime Control Organisation  , Member Delhi Crime Press , Incharge Media Cell JK Against Corruption Jammu and Kashmir and can be reached at 09018920786 , [email protected] .


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