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By Fast Kashmir on 28/08/2017.

All Parties Round Table Conference Organised By Karwani Islami International

Srinagar 28 August 2017.   An All Parties Round Table Conference Was Organised Today at Head Office of Karwani Islami International To Discuss Various Issues Like Triple Talaq and Special Status of Kashmir.Scholars Warned Muslims about Anti Islamic Powers and Praised Karwani Islami International For Organising This All Parties Round Table Conference. Representatives Of Jamait e Ahle Hadees, Jamiat e Islami, Soutul Awliya, Minhaj Ul Islam, Anjuman e Sharia Shaian, Anjuman e Tabligh Ul Islam, Parwan e Wilayat, Ahle Bait Foundation, Itehad Ul Muslimeen, Haqani Memorial Trust, Darul Uloom Raheemi, Ummat e Islami and Jamait e Ahle Sunnat Were Present in the Conference.

                Prof.Mohammad Taib Kamili Said that Our Religion is Complete and No Court Can Interfare In This.

              Moulana Sarwar Abass Ansari of Itehad Ul Muslimeen said that Governmental Organisation are Always Interfaring In Our Religious Issues Whether it is Triple Talaq Issue and Many Other Issues and the Main Aim Of This Is To Divide Mulsims.So, We Have To Unify

                   Moulana Ghulam Rasool Noori of Ahle Bait Foundation said that the anti Islamic Powers are United against Muslims but Still They Cannot Defeat Us and We Will Allow Them To Interfare In Our Religious Issues.

             Aga Syed Hassan Moosavi of Anjuman e Sharia Shaian said that Whole World had been Unable To defeat Islam and to Defeat These Anti Islamic Powers in Future also. we Have have get United and Follow the Path Of Quran and Sunnah

                          Moulana Fayaz Rizvi Of Tehreek Soutul Awliya Said That The Solution of All the Problems is in Quran and We will not allow anybody to Interfare in our Religious issues.

                     Moulana Ghulam Mohideen Naqeeb Of Minhaj Ul Islam Said that we don’t need any Court or Parliament for Our Religious issues as the Solution of all the Problems Is In Quran and Sunnah.

             Moulana Mushtaq Ahmed Veeri Of Jamait e Ahle Hadees Said that Anti Islamic Powers have always Tried to Target Islam but have always been Unsuccessful and the Main reason of Problems Faced By Muslim Today is that Muslims aren’t Following Quran and Sunnah, So to overcome Such Problems we have Turn Towards Allah and follow the Path of Quran and Sunnah.

               Moulana Shabir Ahmed Sofi of Parwan e Wilayat said that today our all issues are taken non Shariah Courts and it is Matter of Concern For Muslims.

                   Moulana Qamar u Din Owaisi Of Jamait e Ahle Sunnat Said that interfarence in Shariah law Is directly Interference in our Religion and we will not accept it on any grounds.

              Abdul Islam Daga Of Jamait e Islami said That Islam is the Supreme Religion which Provides all Rights in a Balanced way whether Religious rights, Political Rights or Social Rights and the only reason we are Suffering is that we aren’t Unidentified and It is Important For us to Get Unified and Follow Quran and Sunnah.

              Moulana Mufti Sajad Hussain Raheemi of Darul Uloom Raheemi said that  It is Important For Muslims to overcome intra religious issue and Get united and then only we Can Get Relief From these issues.

                 Moulana Mushtaq Ahmed Khoosapoori  Of Anjuman e Islam said that Muslims Must have United Much Earlier and Now it is important For Us To get United And Fight against Anti Islamic Powers.

                  Mirwaiz South Kashmir and Chairman of Ummat e Islami Qazi Ahmed Yasir Said that we Need To Maintain a gap From Anti Islamic Powers So That they Cannot Divide Us

                   Chairman Karwani Islami International Moulana Ghulam Rasool Hami Said that it is not Possible That a Single Man Will Stand For Muslims Of all Over The World.So,It is The Duty Of Each and Every Muslim To Stand For His Religion.Hami Also Urged World Islamic Leaders To Stress on  Unification Of Muslims.He Said that The all the anti Islamic Powers are Applying Their All Power To end Islam.Hami Alleged that this Is The Only Reason that Triple Talaq Like Issues are being Presented in Wrong Way, With the Main aim of Maliging the Image Of Islam and To Harm Muslims.