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By Fast Kashmir on 21/08/2017.

Ganderbali,Sahil Farooq greet people of Lar on Urs Pak of Shah Qalandar RA

By:Hadi Hidayat 

Ganderbal: State Secretary JKPCC Sahil Farooq Ahmad 

today visit Shrine of Hazrati Mir Syed Shah Sadiq Qalander RA Lar Town in Ganderbal District to give final touches to the arrangements for Annual Urs and have greeted the people on auspicious occasion of Hazrati Mir Syed Shah Sadiq Qalander RA.

Sahil Farooq said that this holy day provides us an opportunity to pray for Almighty’s blessings and strive for being compassionate, pious and dutiful.adding that the occasion provides opportunity to us to spend the night in praying and seeking forgiveness and blessings from Allah.”

Sahil Farooq took stock of arrangements for the devotees who come in thousands to Zeyarat Sharief from across the State to pay obeisance at the shrine of Hazrat Mir Syed Shah Sadiq Qalander Wali RA popularly known as Shah Sahab. 

The great sufi saint is revered equally by Muslim as well as non-Muslim communities for his universal message of peace, brotherhood and righteousness.

Sahil Farooq called for making adequate transport arrangements to carry devotees to and fro Lar Town to other parts of the District. He said transport facility should be ensured till late hours in the evening for convenience of the devotees. 

PDP District President Ganderbal Farooq Ganderbali felicitated people of Lar and Watlar on the annual Urs-e-Mubarak of Hazrat Mir Syed Shah Sadiq Qalander Wali RA,

Shah Qalander (RA)’s timeless values and teachings continue to guide people towards the righteous path of selfless devotion, spirituality and servitude. “Hazrat Mir Syed Shah Sadiq Qalander (RA)’s message of kindness and selflessness needs to be emulated in every aspect of life and his legacy will continue to form the bedrock of our rich cultural and spiritual inheritance” Said Ganderbali

Farooq Ganderbali Stressed over the transportation, street lights and power supply facilities at Hazrat Shah Sadiq Qalander  (RA) during the ‘Urs’ days beginning from 22 August.

The Urs celebrations will begin at both Watlar and Lar Shines of the revered saint on august 22 2017, followed by Shab Khwani and Darood-u-Azkar Mehfil.

The main function will be on 23 August, 2017 and holy relics will be displayed at Watlar Shrine in Morning and at Hill top Shrine lar throughout day prayers .