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APHC expresses concern over the plight of prisoners

Srinagar, Aug 2: APHC on Wednesday expressed deep concern over the ill plight of prisoners lodged in Kathua and said that as per reports pouring, situtaions in Kathua Jail are extremely horrible.
Statement revealed that detainees are stripped naked and subjected to extreme brutality and torture by jail staff even in presence of their family members and those visiting jail.
Strongly denouncing jail authorities for their callous and brutal behavior, Huriyat said that virtually they have turned the jail like that of infamous Abu Ghareeb.
Huriyat said after an interval of fifteen days the detainees can meet their families and hence most of the detainees don’t get a chance to see their families or relatives.
Visitors are ill-treated and humiliated by jail staff, said Huriyat and added that hygienic conditions in jail and particularly in kitchen is poor and substandard food items are provided to prisoners.
Huriyat said that no proper treatment is provided to those lodged in jail and while referring to Abdullah Nasir, Nazir Ahmad Rather, Peer Tanveer (Pattan) Zahoor Ahmad Lone, Gh Rasool Parey, Farooq Ahmad Towhidee and scores of other detinues, said that they are suffering from different ailments.
Huriyat said, “the policy of the government regarding the prisoners is extremely harsh and unfair which indicates the level of respect which the rulers have towards the human and moral values.
Huriyat disclosed that there is a single water cooler for two barks and water supply is denied after the barracks are locked.
The situations are extremely appalling, said Huriyat and added that as a routine prisoner can move out just for one hour and consequently are facing extreme mental torture.
Huriyat while lashing at state authorities said that jail administration is subjecting prisoners to political vendetta and torture.
Those arrested during people’s uprising in 2016, were slapped PSA and are languishing in different jails. More than 100 among those arrested, were re-arrested, slapped PSA and shifted to outside state jails,” Hurriyat said
Huriyat appealed ICRC & the human rights organizations to take serious notice of the miserable condition of the Kashmiri prisoners and use influence for their release.


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