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By Fast Kashmir on 29/08/2017.

Demands Social Activist Syed Karar Hashmi 

Srinagar, August 29: The Dera Sacher Chief  Baba Ram Rahim has broken all the records of Satinik Activities and have shocked to all those having human heart in the body. The arrest of highly Influential figure and Dera Sacher Head have restored again some sort of faith to the people of the country in the Judiciary.The Indian Express  placed Singh 96th in their list of the 100 most powerful Indians of 2015.

Arrest of such person is an eye opener for all other like Babas to leave the path of black collar crimes and lead 

Pious life full of tranquility. Such incidents have surfaced in India throughout history and will still occur due to blind faith of people and lack of Religious teachings. It is only the farawayness of people from the Religion resulted in the vulnerability by the hands of so called fake peers and babas.  The laws are meant for all irrespective of Religion,  creed,  sex,  caste,   colour and so on. The dual stand of the system to deal with the people in terms of law have shaken the faith of the Judiciary in the hearts of the people. When people lack faith in the system,  turn into anti  Laws and work against the system as a whole.

The punishment of Baba Ram Rahim given by the honorable Supreme Court for twenty years imprisonment is well regarded and appreciable but need is to dealt with such people more tough and hard ahead .  The  print and electronic media have played a pivotal role in exposing all the black works of Dera  Sacher Chief without any bias.  Let Baba spend 20 years in jail but only one character of the Black film have caught so far and need is more investigations and enquiries across India and strong drive against all fake Babas and Peers through out the country. 


Social Activist and prolific Writer,  Studying at Jamia Al Mustafa International university Qom Iran