By intimidating family members of resistance leaders’ Indian rulers stooping too low in their Kashmir animosity

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By Fast Kashmir on 09/08/2017. 2 Comments

Nehru was released from jail and provided passport to go abroad for treatment of his ailing wife by British imperialism but in contrast so-called biggest democracy is intimidating families of resistance leaders in Kashmir. // M Yasin Malik


Srinagar, Aug:  NIA, ED drama is being played to deviate attention from ongoing genocide in Kashmir. By intimidating family members of Kashmiri resistance leaders Indian rulers are actually stooping too low in their venom and Kashmir animosity. This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik while condemning the ongoing NIA deception against Kashmiri resistance movement. Terming Enforcement directorate notice and investigation of APHC (G) leader Shabir Ahmad Shah’s wife doctor Bilquees Sahiba and NIA grilling of APHC (G) chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s sons, doctor Naseem and doctor Naseem as revengeful politics played by India and its Kashmiri stooges, JKLF chairman said that by these acts Indian leadership is stooping too low morally and ethically . He said that when Indian resistance leader Jawahar Lal Nehru was in prison and his wife suddenly went ill, British authorities against whom Indians were fighting not only released Nehru but provided him with a passport to enable him go abroad for her treatment. This was the ethics employed by British imperialism but so-called biggest democracy India is doing all opposite to this and arresting, summoning, terrorizing the families and friends of resistance leaders and activists which actually show their moral poverty, added JKLF chairman. Condemning the prolonging of incarceration of resistance leaders arrested by NIA and ED includingShabir Ahmad Shah, Altaf Ahmad Shah, Shahid ul Islam, Akbar Ayaz, Peer Saifullah, Raja Meraj ud din Kalwal, Naeem Ahmad Khan, Farooq Ahmad Dar and Devendar Singh Bhel, JKLF chairman said that Indian rulers and their Kashmiri stooges are actually playing politics in the name of corruption and terror funding and want to club whole resistance with bribery and hence discredit it. JKLF chairman said that on one side arrests, so-called investigations and serving notices even to relatives and family members continues unabated and on the other hand a full-fledged media trial on biased Indian news channels and papers is also going on a full scale. Media is being used as a tool to defame and discredit resistance leadership and blood soaked freedom struggle of Kashmiris in the same way it was used by Hitler to defame and discredit his rivals in Germany. ‘’Indians are saying that our students on whom parents spent Lakhs are protesting and bearing pellets and bullets for some hundred rupees. They want to make their people believe that in Kashmir everything is OK barring only few corrupt people who are hoodwinking whole valley and causing trouble’’, said JKLF chairman. He said that Indian state machinery, their biased media and their agencies are actually abusing whole Kashmiri nation by casting doubts on our integrity, on our blood soaked freedom struggle and on our new generation. The foolishness of Indian rulers and their corrupt media can be measured by the fact that they dub our highly educated youth, students and people in resistance of sacrificing their lives for petty amounts. It is actually an old tactic of colonial and occupational forces to defame people in resistance. Such mean and oppressive tactics will always fail to break the will and resolve of people who have decided to fight for their freedom and self-determination, asserted JKLF chairman. He said that everyone knows fully that it is India that to enforce and keep its illegal occupation on Jammu Kashmir has institutionalized corruption here. He said that from last 70 years, India killed Lakhs, maimed, blinded, arrested, tortured and oppressed thousands in Jammu Kashmir but has failed to put Kashmiris into submission and now they have started this new NIA and ED onslaught which is also bound to fail.


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