“Chenab Valley , A neglected figure in Jammu and Kashmir” Is any representative of chenab valley having pain of poors? 

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By Fast Kashmir on 25/08/2017.


Chenab Valley, Aug 25:    Chenab Valley comprising of three districts including Ramban , Doda and Kishtwar and having its six constituencies including Ramban , Banihal,  Doda , Bhaderwah , Kishtwar and Inderwal , from where six MLA’s cames on forefront to represent their constituency .
“Chenab Valley”, A famous township in Jammu and Kashmir having its own figure , status and representation in state remain neglected from Independent India . Having hub of tourism , hydro electricity generation and natural beauties in which Bhaderwah is among one of them and is famous by name of “Chota Kashmir”.
Taking a look on government of Jammu and Kashmir , If a Member of Legislative Assembly belongs from ruling party and appointed as Minister of State Government then it is his / her responsibility to develop whole state in general and his / her constituency in particular .
” What ever a representative behaves with his poor voter that he / she promises during election campaign,  Every one is aware about this ” .
Being a citizen of Democratic India I ( Shafqat Sheikh ) am having right to choose a honest and dedicated representative by the power of my vote .To whom I vote as I cast my first time vote in Member of Parliamentary election in April 2014 and first time vote in Member of Legislative Assembly election during November 2014 .
I attended various election rallies and functions of Assembly election contesting candidates that during the time before election they are just like a begger who regularly begs money and clothes on a roadside to eat two time food .

During this time I imagine that the contesting canidates are having same position . These canidates took the advantage of poor and downtrodden masses by befooling them and showing the green field through their speeches and meetings .
“A representative uses our power against we peoples that we cannot believe as before becoming a representative check out his family history and guess ‘Am I right or wrong’ what ever I want to say ” .
Beside all these in our chenab valley Ramban district falls on Jammu Srinagar Highway and the twin district Doda and Kishtwar on a semetrical line having its distance near about 72 km in length from district Headquarters .
In these twin district various personalities and mass leaders were born that were fighting for cause of poors and downtrodden masses , As my ancestors tolds me story in my childhood.
Unfortunately to whom I have to blame “time or person” that I am watching today that everyone is in race to win against other . In six constituencies among four are represented by ruling Bhartiya Janta Party and other two are represented by Opposition Indian National Congress .
In Ramban Assembly constituency Sri Neelam Langhe contested first time Member of Legislative Assembly election in 2014 and win by defeating his rivals of other parties with a huge margin . Neelam Langhe who is Member of Legislative Assembly from ruling BJP didn’t take care of those poor voters who cast their vote in his favour . ” I would like to ask Member of Legislative Assembly from Ramban Shri Neelam Langhe that why you have befooled poors during election rallies by making various promises for your own intrest , Why you completely forgot the poor and downtrodden masses?
In the same district its nehbouring constituency Banihal that represents the “&” part of Jammu and Kashmir Mr Vikar Rasool Wani became third time Member of Legislative Assembly from Banihal on Congress ticket as he was having  protocol of Ministry of Power Development Department in previous resigm . What ever Vikar Rasool Wani do it is in front of everyone,  But I shall repeat one major work done by MLA Banihal and Former Minister Mr Vikar Rasool Wani hiked the monthly electricity bills from Rs 108 to Rs 360 that everyone in society is not able to pay . Beside all these Vikar Rasool Wani failed in electrifying the remote village during his Ministry tenure , As a present representatives what he had done that the peoples of Banihal constituency knows better .
Taking a look at twin district of chenab valley from where Bhaderwah constituency was represented by a mass leader of Congress party , Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir / present opposition leader in Rajya Sabha Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad  . During the tenure of Ghulam Nabi Azad , developmental works were started on war footing basis , but automatically after a period of some months what ever happens is unknown to writer and various works were stopped that are still waiting for its execution and completion .
Being a nehbouring resident of G N Azad , I would like to ask from Ghulam Nabi Azad , why not you have any pain regarding poors that how they reaches Jammu through Batote Kishtwar Highway . Will Ghulam Nabi Azad reply through press statement or not it is yet to be mentioned here ? .
From the same constituency another mass leader of Congress party , Former Minister and contesting canidate of Member of Legislative Assembly in 2014 election Mohd Shareef Naiz hails from same constituency. During his ministry tenure what he had done is not unknown to anyone.  But a surprising event that Mohd Shareef Naiz is one of close associate of Ghulam Nabi Azad , why he didn’t take a look on chenab valley on various issues.
Beside these ruling Bhartiya Janta Party contesting canidate and present Member of Legislative Assembly from Bhaderwah
constituency Shri Daleep Singh Parihar , having protocol of ruling state and center government failed to reach out the cause of poor suffering . Daleep Singh Parihar who represents Bhaderwah constituency didn’t pay any heed toward poor masses.
From the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party Shakti Raj Parihar contested Member of Legislative Assembly from Doda Constituency defeats opposition canidates of other parties . As the MLA Doda is the young leader representing Doda constituency from 2014 , What ever He do for people of his constituency in known to  everyone .
From the same constituency a mass leader of Congress party and Former Minister Mr Abdul Majid Wani was the second time Member of Legislative Assembly till 2014 and during his tenure as representative of Doda Constituency what he do for poors and downtrodden masses is known to everyone . I would like to ask from Former Minister and contesting Member of Legislative Assembly canidate from doda , that what you do for people of chenab valley , why not the Chenab Valley get better road connectivity during your Ministry tenure . In Kishtwar Assembly constituency , Sunil Sharma contested Member of Legislative Assembly on Bhartiya Janta Party ticket and win the election that was later appointed as Minister of State having Independent charge of various departments . Hailing from same region and having political protocol across the country , Why not the Sunil Sharma  take a look on Batote Kishtwar Highway and other inter district roads .    In this same constituency Firdous Ahmed Tak contested Member of Legislative Assembly in 2014 on Peoples Department Party and was later appointed as Member of Legislative Council . Having political protocol of ruling People’s Democratic Party , what He do for betterment of his constituency that everyone is aware of this. In Kishtwar Assembly segment , A mass leader of National Conference and present Member of Legislative Council Mr Sajjad Ahmed Kichloo who became two times MLA till 2014 and was having protocol of Cabniet Minister in the resigm of
National Conference and Congress.    Sajjad Kichloo who contested third time Member of Legislative Assembly election in 2014 and lost the seat as He was later appointed Member of Legislative Council by his party high command . I would like to ask MLC Sajjad Kichloo , that you became two times MLA and one time Cabniet Minister and presently having protocol of MLC that Why people of chenab valley didn’t get better road connectivity and who is responsible for the same . In Inderwal constituency G M Saroori who became third time Member of Legislative Assembly from Congress party and was Cabniet Minister in colation government during PDP Congress and NC Congress resigm and was having protocol of various departments including Public Work Department , Roads and Buildings . G M Saroori who is mass leader in congress party and always active on social networking sites and presently having post of Jammu and Kashmir Pardesh Congress Committee Vice President in state . One of the mass leader Shri Bali Bhagat from Chenab Valley of Kishtwar district who contested Member of Legislative Assembly in 2014 from Raipur Domana Constituency and presently having protocol of Cabniet Minister in Health and Medical Education. Whatever he is doing for public of chenab valley is known to every one . Why not he take his interest in providing better health care facilities across chenab valley as he hails from Kishtwar district . I would like to ask from Shri Bali Bhagat why you are not interested for development of your home region and providing better road connectivity and health care facilities .
Beside all these representatives of chenab valley various other politicians who contested Member of Legislative Assembly from all six constituencies hails from same region didn’t looks back after their election results .
Beside all these various District Presidents of different political parties hails from same region and are working for their parties to strengthen them on ground  for their personal gain.
Beside all these representatives and leaders from Chenab Valley , Why no one came forward and demanded “Better road across Chenab Valley , Quality education system in Government institutions , Better Health care facilities in Government Hospitals , Better Electricity and electrifying of remote villages as Chenab Valley is having ability to light whole state , Better tourist destinations and many more”.
Having hub of such mass leaders in Chenab Valley , Opinioning the fact I , think that all these are busy for their own publicity and are playing with lives of many people of said region resulting someone to became widow, orphan and breaking the stick of old parents .  Beside worse road connectivity in chenab valley all other sectors are defunct in chenab valley that includes Education , Health Department , Power Development Department , Public Health Engineering Department , Agriculture and Horticulture department , Rular Development Department , Consumer Affair and Public Distribution , Animal and Sheep Husbandry Department and others are defunct as no transparency came to be seen in whole system . I am not against any political party or any politicians , But I am aganist those who are not having “Humanity” and are befooling poors for their own publicity .
By this write up I ask a question under “Article 19 of Indian Constitution” from Prime Minister of India Shri Narender Modi and Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Ms Mehbooba Mufti that “Who cares for poors and Why representatives are in deep slumber , Why not they are having pain of poor and downtrodden masses”?
Beside all these Chenab Valley known as Hydro Electricity generator as Dul Hasti , Bhaglihar power projects are having ability to light whole state and are not lighting its home regions as state government completely failed returning of these power projects from center government .
For the answer of above said questions public of  Chenab Valley is waiting, Shall they get answer or not it is yet to mention .
( Raja Shafqat Sheikh
State Secretary All India Reporter’s
Association Jammu and Kashmir,
State Media Director World Aid Organisation for Human Rights , Member Delhi Crime Press wa Bhrastachar Virodh Morcha ,
Incharge district Kishtwar International Human Rights and Crime Control Organisation
Email:[email protected]
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