Fixed Match between the two perceptible warring partners to address their respective constituencies

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By Fast Kashmir on 23/08/2017.

Fixed Match between the two perceptible warring partners to address their respective constituencies

Karra Cautioned the Saffron Brigade to desist from reckless adventures which could become cause for social unrest and civil war.

Delhi, 23 August: – Senior Congress Leader & Former Member parliament from Srinagar parliamentary constituency Tariq Hameed Karra has been assured of all-out moral and political support to the people of Jammu & Kashmir by Congress high Command & opposition Leaders at all levels and in all manners to protect Article 35A from any kind of nefarious tinkering or attempt for its Abrogation. This was stated by Karra after undertaking a week long process of briefings and consultations with opposition leaders and top leadership of congress party in Delhi including Dr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Dr. Karan Singh, Mr. P Chidambaram, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad & Mrs. Ambika Soni.
Karra also discussed about the future course of action regarding Jammu & Kashmir group on policy and planning with the congress leaders. This group was constituted few months ago by the congress president Mrs Sonia Gandhi. As per statement Karra briefed the congress leadership about present unrest and prospective horrendous consequences in the event of tinkering with or Abrogation of Article 35A which has been challenged in Supreme Court. Karra accused BJP & PDP for collaborating in systematically and in phased manner disintegrating the distinct identity of Jammu & Kashmir, enshrined in the constitution of India.
Karra termed PDP’s chest beating as just rhetoric and public posturing, saning any sincerity. It is suffering with optical illusion of regaining its lost ground, day dreaming for saving itself form public wrath and is fantasizing to become the martyrs. The very fact that the Government of India did not file objections to the petition challenging Article 35A & Attorney General’s out of turn & politically motivated stand on it in the court stands testimony to the nefarious designs of the Right wingers & has once more proved the people’s perception correct about PDP of its betrayal & ill-gotten loaves of power.
Karra further said that PDP stands fully exposed as a collaborator & facilitator for the fascist agenda as it chose not to convince or force its alliance partner to file objections by Government of India in the court of Law. Chief Minister’s theoretical visit to Delhi to meet the Prime Minister who chose not to grant her audience till she receives some counseling from the Home Minister and later on PM’s unceremonious directions to Chief Minister to meet Mr. Ram Madhav General Secretary BJP at his residence for obtaining the script has further demeaned the chair of CM. The morality demanded the PDP should have severed its illegitimate alliance with BJP then and there. Their continuation in this immoral and unholy alliance and their public utterances is a proof enough of a “fixed match” between the two perceptibly warring partners to address their respective constituencies. While BJP is true and steadfast to its fascist agenda, it is PDP which has actually lost its plot by surrendering its ideology and core philosophy to Sangh Parivar through a loosely knit and unsigned medium called agenda of alliance and just for the sake of lust for power, glitz and glamour by bartering the honour , dignity , self-esteem and distinct identity of over ten million heads.
Karra cautioned the Saffron brigade to desist from instigating such reckless misadventures which could become instrumental for social unrest and civil war in J&K, this in turn could provide a fertile ground and facilitation for the neighboring country for intensifying armed intrusion, which ultimately could turn into a full fledge war. And this time presumably backed by few world powers who in the present world order of realignment of forces have direct stakes in adversities in this part of the world and who are waiting in the wings. Hence the political sagacity demands to exercise prudence in the matters of national interest which in any way should not be compromised for the sake of party interests or egotism. It is better to treat the roots than prune the branches, Karra Suggested.