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Gousia Hospital doctors resent Traffic Police action

Our hospital has no premises or parking space for vehicles: MS

Srinagar, Aug 07: Doctors and attendants in Gousia Hospital in Khanyar here are angry with the Traffic Police for registering challan on their vehicles which they had parked near the hospital.
The doctors said that about six cars belonging to them and the attendants have been challaned by the traffic police without informing the car owners or the hospital authorities.
In absence of the parking space at the hospital, the doctors as well as patients park their vehicles daily at the road side with the permission of the hospital authorities.
“Since the hospital does not have space for parking, the doctors and the attendants keep their cars on the road side without disrupting the traffic. It has been a normal routine for since the hospital was set up. But today, traffic police officials without informing the hospital administration or the doctors pasted challans on the car windows,” the doctors in Gousia hospital told KNS.
Medical Superintendent of Gousia Hospital, Dr Nishat said that she has take up the matter with the local police officials and is writing a letter to the SP Traffic city.

 “The traffic policemen came without informing us. Is this the authority? Our hospital has no premises or parking space for vehicles. We asked the traffic police officials to either give us a parking space or do not challan our vehicles,” Dr Nishat told KNS.

“I am taking up the matter with SP concerned and the SP traffic. Such an action is disturbing the doctors and hospital functioning,” she said.

SSP Traffic city Sargun Shukla told KNS: “For me, it does not matter whether it is a doctor or any official. Anybody who violates the traffic rule will face action. We have not challaned the doctors but fixed a notice on their cars to pay fine for wrong parking.”

The SSP said the hospital administration and doctors should take the non availability of parking space in the premises with the Deputy Commissioner or Divisional Commissioner.

“I don’t want that any vehicle is wrongly parked on a road and it blocks traffic movement,” she said. (KNS)


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