Let paid their tribute to the Lashkar Commander Ayub Lalhari

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By Fast Kashmir on 17/08/2017. 7 Comments

Let paid their tribute to the Lashkar Commander Ayub Lalhari

Srinagar, Aug 17: While paying rich tributes to its commander Ayub Lelhari, militant outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba has said that sacrifices are of vital importance to any freedom struggle.
As per the statement issued to news agency CNS, Ayub Lalhari took arms in 2015 and retaliated against the Indian forces. “He took part in several fights against Indian forces and managed to get away with more than 5 rifles. His accomplishments and dedication promoted him from a comrade to Regional Commander. He sacrificed his life for the freedom of his people,” the statement said.
LeT Chief Mahmood Shah thanked the people who participated in the funeral prayers of Ayub Lalhari, endangering their dear lives. The whole nation is proud of the family members of Ayub Lalhari who never hesitated to undergo any sacrifices for the freedom. The blood of our Martyrs won’t go to vain. We won’t sit idle until every last of Indian forces have quit Kashmir.
Mahmood Shah strongly condiment the move by US to declare Hizb-ul-Mujahideen as a global terrorist organization. US is guilty of killing thousands of innocent civilians around the world, its move to declare freedom Fighters as terrorist is an utter act of hypocrisy.
The United Nations has 18 resolutions registered to Kashmir which grant the people the right to fight for their freedom struggle, including arms struggle. US has jeopardized the peace and stability of worldwide in its lifelong history, so has India in Asia. Both have compromised the freedom of millions of people worldwide.
The legitimate freedom struggle of Kashmir won’t be affected by these shameful acts. The real terrorists are Modi and their forces who are committed mass atrocities in Jammu Kashmir. If anyone can he a terrorist, it is India.(CNS)


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