Massive function on Sufiyat addressed by Renzushah at Hajin

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Massive function on Sufiyat addressed by Renzushah at Hajin

Emphasized for recitation of Sufiyat & Awarade fateh on 700 years pattern in Kashmir.

Only Ishiq & love can project and revive pure original image of proud  Kashmir civilization .

Hajin 01 August :At one of the largest and massive congregation organized at Hajin ,chairman Kashmir society international Khawaja Farooq Renzushah emphasized for revival of real love and unity of all religions all regions all casts all creeds which was real divine power of our Sufiyat and Aitqaad .He said that this Hajin has seen most horrible face of violence during last 30 years but huge presence of people who are believer of Ishiq & love prove that our great power of Ishiq  is alive .
Renzushah said that Sheikh-ul-Aalam who visited Hajin during king  Sikender period planted multi  Chinar trees as symbol of this ishiq & love to shadow people to protect them from heat of hate and turmoil .This soil is fertile since then and intellectuals like Mohidin Hajini made this place proud .
The occasion on which the legendary Sufi personality of Hajin jenab Sheikh Ali Mohammad was remembered who has mesmerized entire sub continent with his Sufiyana songs through out his life span .Even he was invited to Japan & Malaysia to sing Sufi songs as his fame spread globly .Renzushah complimented his son Sheikh Abdul Rahman for this historical day of Sufiyat in Kashmir when Sheikh Abdul Rahman is remembered .He said that few days before ten 5 people gathered in main chowk of HABBA kadal on occasion of Niyama sahib which indicates that from cities to villages people of Kashmir have risen up to strengthen it’s 700 years old Sufiyat started from era of Hazrat Bulbulshah RA & Hazrat Amir kabir Syed Shah Hamdan when the king of the time Hazrat Saderuddin Rinchenshah RA obeyed message of love conveyed to him spiritually.

 The legendary living Sufi Jenab Hazrat Kaile Bab sahib Bazam Israr e Khawaja khazir of Dragmulla who suddenly reach to such spritual places and talk only through his chin ,neck and eyes also reached in this huge gathering at Hajin .Jenab Anwar sahib ,jenab peerzada Aijaz,jenaba Fahmeeda Sopori Sufi Author ,sarwar Bulbul,Tariq shera ,Umar Masoodi,Dr Yatoo reputed Author of Sopore, and other prominent personalties were present .

On this occasion Renowned Sufi Legendary singer  Sheikh Ali Mohammad’s Son Jenab Shiek Ab Rehman presented Sufi kalam of his father, other prominent Sufi singer who are famous through out valley as galaxies of sufi singer like Gh Ahmad Sufi, Mr Gh Rasool Ahanger, Gh Nabi Bulbul, Abdul Gaffar Kanihami, Mohd Subhan Guru, Mohd Subhan Dar,Fayaz Ahmad Madwani,Mohd Maqbool Kathpora,Mohd Abdullah Ganie & 0thers Sufi singers presented their sufi  kalams.


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