Mirwaiz Speaks at Jama Masjid after 8 weeks

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Mirwaiz Speaks at Jama Masjid after 8 weeks

Srinagar, Aug 18: APHC Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that for the past 70 years people of Kashmir are born raised live and die with the fact that Kashmir is a disputed place waiting a final resolution and that fact has its foundation in the highest world body’s The United Nations  ratification of it through passing of resolutions to this effect and the commitment made by no less than the PM of India there. Mirwaiz was addressing the Friday congregation at Jama Masjid Srinagar after being released from 57 days of continuous house arrest.

Mirwaiz said people of Jammu Kashmir are awaiting that final resolution to put an end to the uncertainty that they are victims of and which  is a root cause of  their immense suffering death and destruction and hatred among people of the subcontinent. Mirwaiz said that resolution of the issue can always be reached provided there is a willingness to accept the facts and compassion ,humanity and mutual respect among the parties involved while addressing the problem and a keenness to work towards real peace by all. Mirwaiz said aggression and repression can never resolve anything but only aggravate it. 

Mirwaiz said that each day young educated boys are being  killed and there is a belief in some that once all of them are killed the problem will be over . But those that think this forget that these boys took to arms as a reaction to repression and for the resolution of the dispute and as long as there is repression and force as a state response, while u may kill one ten more will stand up.So killing them will not kill the sentimen as is evident during their funeral prayers.Mirwaiz said the agitation and protests by students in colleges and universities across the valley that force the state to frequently shut them down ,again indicate to how the youth of Kashmir sees the situation and his reaction to it.

Mirwaiz said similarly persecution leadership through so called investigations and spreading lies and creating a huge propaganda through print electronic and even social media against them involving their families friends and acquaintances and harassing them in order to defame and intimidate leadership and demoralize people will also prove futile as people of Kashmir know such ploys and do not buy them. It will only worsen and complicate matters further.

Mirwaiz said I once again appeal to all people in India  to see Kashmir not as a piece of real estate nor as a territorial dispute between two hostile neighbors but as a human issue concerning hundreds of thousands of people and divided families hanging fire since the last 70 years ,leading to great suffering and loss of life on all sides  that begs for a just resolution.


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