Modi’s remarks on Kashmir an act of hypocrisy: LeT

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Modi’s remarks on Kashmir an act of hypocrisy: LeT

Srinagar, Aug 16: Militant outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba has rejected what it said the fake sympathies of Narendra Modi with Kashmiris by tagging this attitude as an act of hypocrisy. “It is a long followed tradition by Chankyaee puppets as a saying goes, ‘Malice concealed behind sweet talk’, the outfit chief said in a statement to news agency CNS.

      LeT Chief Mehmood Shah said that If Modi is concerned about the Kashmir issue then why it is that the youth of Kashmir are being martyred on a daily basis?! Why it is that each passing day leaves behind tales of sorrow and grievance?! Why the graveyards of Kashmir are being populated with the people who once cherished the freedom?! Why it is that Kashmiris are being put behind bars under the fake laws including PSA?

“The narrative of Modi is denied by the ground realities. The minorities are being tortured to death. Muslims are being selectively targeted. Freedom of religion is scarce in Occupied Kashmir. It is the same ill-fated sick agenda upon which Modi was appointed to as Indian Prime Minister.”

  “If Modi is concerned about the solution to the Kashmir dispute, then he must vacate Kashmir of Indian Forces and let the UN resolutions for Kashmir be implemented without any exposure to any kind of rigging. The UN resolutions have been signed with written consent of both the stakeholders; Pakistan and India.”

Mahmood Shah appreciated and congratulated the Kashmiri nation for celebrating 15th of August as Black Day. Such an act is evident for the world to see that India is not a Democratic state but a terrorist one. (CNS)


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