Not rhetoric but concrete action plan to start a political dialogue is required: CPI(M)

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By Fast Kashmir on 22/08/2017.

Srinagar, Aug 22: J&K State Committee, CPI (M) concluded its two days session in Srinagar today. The committee discussed the prevailing political situation in the state and adopted following resolutions which were moved by Gh. Nabi Malik, State Secretary.


The State Committee underlined that any attempt to abrogate Article 35A of Indian Constitution would lead to serious consequences. It demanded that the government should convene a special assembly session to discuss this crucial issue and warned that the conspiracy to remove Article 35A will prove disastrous for the entire state and will have very unforeseen dangerous consequences. The conspiracy to remove Article 35A is essentially the agenda of communal, divisive and anti-democratic forces, who want to thrive on uncertainty, discord, hatred and turmoil. It appealed all the democratic forces including, intelligentsia and the civil society, to put their heads together, discuss the situation intensively and raise a united voice against this mischief.


On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech, the CPI (M) observed that the words should match the deeds and New Delhi must follow an action plan for initiating a purposeful dialogue with all stakeholders in the state without any further delay. Delaying the process of dialogue comes at a huge human cost as people of the state are going through one of the worst phases of unrest. The status quo has upscaled the disillusionment and alienation among the people of the state and delay tactics seemingly adopted by the government in initiating a credible and comprehensive dialogue with the stake-holders amounts to disservice to the people and having dangerous implications. Calling for a purposeful dialogue, it demanded constitution of a committee of parliamentarians across the political spectrum assisted with experts and mandated with an initiation of serious and unconditional political dialogue for finding out an acceptable solution of this vexed issue.


The state committee also expressed serious concern over the government’s failure in tackling unemployment problem in the state, which has reached to alarming proportions. Isolated efforts by the government would not be effective and these too have been marred by the allegations of favoritism, nepotism and political interference and has created a sense of dejection among the educated youths of the state. Highly qualified youth who are hankering for jobs, are questioning the fairness of appointments in various departments. The procedures and processes aren’t being followed by the respective departments while making the recruitments which has put the question mark on the credibility of the institutions. The candidates allege that the interview processes are rigged in the favor of influential candidates. There are also allegations of backdoor appointments in several departments which has put the credibility of institutions at stake. The Committee stressed on the need to speed up the process of recruitment in a transparent manner so that thousands of qualified unemployed youth get the sigh of relief.