Roads in shambles, Deptt in deep slumber

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By Fast Kashmir on 02/08/2017. 69 Comments

Roads in shambles, Deptt in deep slumber

Mohammad Saleem

Gandoh, Aug 02: due to bad condition of Doda-Gundow Road locals of the area have been facing difficulties while traveling.

While interacting with media persons people of area said that they face a lot of hardships due to the bad condition of roads including office goers, students and patients referred to hospitals’ are worst affected. “The area has always faced political neglect and till date the constituency has witnessed very little development in every field,” they said.

“It is only during elections that several leader of different parties come to these remote villages and dole false assurances to the People, but once they get elected they never return to them” said, John Mohd, a resident of village Jakyas.
    In case of any emergency, it take them hours to reach nearest hospital at Gandoh or District hospital Doda. There is no transport facility available on this bumpy road as it has been in shambles since years and concerned department has never bothered to improve its condition and give respite to the locals.

“our vehicles have incurred heavy damages due to dilapidated condition of road,” said a sumo driver. “Majority of the drivers avoid plying vehicles on this road as result of with passengers have to bear the brunt.”

The villagers of Bhatyas, Jakyas,Bhari,Darsga,Gundow and many other blamed the MLA for ignoring the area which has resulted in Bhalessa lagging behind on developmental front.
“We have been ignored for years on developmental front. Our pleas to various Governments have gone to deaf ears and we continue to suffer. The MLA has proved a disaster for us,” Johan Mohd, a local resident told.

Residents have warned the authorities concerned that they would hold a large-scale protest if the repair work on the road was not started soon.
Locals said the road was full of potholes and it had become difficult to travel on it.


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