Selective ban on private practice of doctors sans logic: DAK

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By Fast Kashmir on 22/08/2017.

Selective ban on private practice of doctors sans logic: DAK

Srinagar, Aug 22: Seeking complete ban on private practice of all government doctors in Jammu and Kashmir, Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) today said that banning private practice of Heads of Departments (HOD’s) and allowing it for all other doctors is illogical.

President DAK Dr Nisar ul Hassan in a statement said that selective ban on private practice of doctors makes no sense.

Government yesterday constituted a committee to implement a government order regarding ban on private practice of HOD’s in Government Medical Colleges.

Refraining only HOD’s from private practice won’t help. There has to be a blanket ban on the practice of all doctors.

It is ironical that doctors who are appointed full time for public hospitals are allowed to run their private clinics.

Private practice has eaten away government hospitals and is the root cause of healthcare mess.

Patient care is the greatest casualty because of dual practice of doctors.

Doctors spend most of their time in their private clinics and are not available for patients in government hospitals.

Their attention and time is directed more towards their private clinics.

They use public hospitals as recruiting grounds for practice and orchestrate scenarios to generate business for their clinics.

Dual practice creates pervasive incentives for doctors to increase waiting time in government hospitals so that patients are forced to go to private hospitals.

Doctors misuse the hospital resources for their private patients at the cost of poor patients who cannot afford private consultation.

Various committees from time to time have stressed that private practice should be banned.

MCI puts bar on private practice of doctors in all health institutions.

Even the courts have observed that the academic character of health institutions gets damaged and the profession of healthcare gets affected by private practice. (GNS)