Shah I Hamadan (RA) taught us the lessons of Tawheed, self-confidence, self-respect and freedom, Reign of terror

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By Fast Kashmir on 29/08/2017.

Shah I Hamadan (RA) taught us the lessons of Tawheed, self-confidence, self-respect and freedom, Reign of terror

Arrests and intimidations cannot put us into submission// Muhammad Yasin Malik while addressing people at Khankah I Mo’alla.


Srinagar, August 29:  Shah I Hamadan (RA) taught us the lessons of Tawheed, God-fearing, self-confidence, self-respect and freedom. Killings, beatings, arrests and other tyrannical acts by India and its Kashmiri stooges only confirm the fact that India is holding Jammu Kashmir by its military and police might. A nation that has resolved to struggle for its freedom cannot be put into submission by NIA intimidations. This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik while speaking to a mammoth gathering at Khankah-I-Moa’lla Srinagar today.  Speaking on the occasion of Urs I shah-I-Hamadan, JKLF chairman said that the great spiritual saint not only led us on holy front but brought a revolution in our economic and social life also. He said that the personality we are today remembering taught us self- respect and led this nation to an economic freedom. For qualities like these, Alama Iqbal remembered him with the title of “Salar-I-Ajam’’ added JKLF chief .JKLF chairman said that today when enemies of Islam and humanity have unleashed a war on us, we Kashmiris need to adhere to holy teachings of  great predecessors like Shah I Hamadan and remain steadfast against falsehood, illegal occupation, tyranny and oppression. Yasin Malik said that if Kashmiris want to transform their lives and change their destiny, they will have to move close to these great people and follow the teachings of these noble souls in letter and spirit.

While condemning the ongoing reign of terror throughout Kashmir valley especially in south and north Kashmir, JKLF chairman said that Indian army, Police, SOG and other forces have unleashed worst kind of terror throughout Kashmir valley. People without the discrimination of age and gender are being beaten and tortured, nocturnal raids, crackdown and arrests have become an order of the day. He said that all this terror has been unleashed to put people into submission and finish their resistance against tyranny and occupation.

JKLF chairman said that today thousands of young and old including children and women are suffering in various jails and police stations. He said that from an 80 year old man to 10 year old minor and ladies like Syeda Asiya Andrabi have been put in jails under black law PSA. From Tihar jail to various jails in Jammu Kashmir, thousands are suffering at the hands on Indians because of their political belief and because they  are asking for their democratic right of self-determination. What can be more unlawful than the act of suppressing a peoples voice by military and police might asked, JKLF chairman.

Terming NIA raids, arrests, investigations and intimidations as politically motivated acts, JKLF chairman said that kith and kin ,friends and associates ,sons and daughters and brothers and sisters of resistance leadership are being raided, questioned, grilled, tortured and terrorized in a bit to excrete some desired information and malign whole resistance and the leadership. He said that this reign of terror is intended only to weaken and finish Kashmiri resistance but rulers and their agencies should remember the fact that till now no nation striving for its freedom has ever been defeated by such mean tactics and acts of tyranny. He said that despite all these Indian ploys and conspiracies, this people’s resistance will continue and no stone will be left unturned to take the blood soaked struggle of Kashmiris to its desired goal.    Meanwhile JKLF delegation led by its organizer Siraj ud Din Mir today visited Qazipora Tangmarg and participated in congregational prayer meeting for martyr Mushtaq Ahmad Malik @ Babar and Martyr Saleem  who embraced martyrdom in 1991. Siraj ud din was accompanied by JKLF district president Abdul Rashid Magloo, Molvi Reyaz, Sheikh Abdul Qayoom and others. JKLF delegation paid rich tributes to these martyrs and expressed solidarity with their families.