Triple Talaq and Many Other Issues.:Moulana Hami

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By Fast Kashmir on 25/08/2017.

Triple Talaq and Many Other Issues.:Moulana Hami
If Humanity is Existing In World it is Only By Islamic Teachings: Moulana Hami
Srinagar, Aug 25: The Way Of Life Shown by Islam isn’t shown By any Other.Before the Arrival of Hazrat Muhammad SAW People Used to Bury the Girl Child at the time of their Birth but after the Arrival Of Hazrat Muhammad SAW not Only This Thing Stopped But many other rights were also given to Women.It Is Islam Which Says Jannah is in The Foot of Mother, Said Karwani Islami International Chairman Moulana Ghulam Rasool Hami while Addressing a Huge Gathering  at Jamia Masjid Gulabagh Hazratbal.
             Hami Said that it is only by Islamic Teachings that humanity still exists, and According To Islam at the time of Nikkah a man is briefed about the rights of Women and after accepting those Rights then only they can live their Life happily.
                 Hami Alleged that Some Anti Islamic Powers are Trying Malign the Image of Islam and Islamic Laws and are Spreading Vemon against Muslims.
                      Moulana Hami Said That any harmful act towards Kashmir and Islamic Laws will Not be accepted on any Terms.
                          Moulana Hami Said  that all Stakeholders will Be Meeting On 28 August Monday in Srinagar To Put Their Views on Triple Talaq, Special Status and Many Other Issues.