​Open letter to Ms.Mehbooba Mufti on braid chopping from Irfan Shafi Baba.

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By Fast Kashmir on 28/09/2017.

To Ms Mehbooba Mufti .
Ms Mehbooba Mufti , I would like to appreciate your  recent  efforts to reach  out to people atleast before next election ‘s Campaigning starts . After Centuries J&K has witnessed Female CM ,which raised  morale of females in J&K, fortunately/unfortunately made them to anticipate favourable environment for them to florish & excel with more space made available for them from CM’s side.   However anticipations and expectations didnt metralise till date but are turning into despair and dreadfulness . One of the proof supporting  this fact is  that people despite  witnessing rising incidents of braid chopping in J&K don’t saw any concern being shown by you despite you being of their gender.
You must be aware ,These incidents are raising & spreading over different districts   at an  agressive rate . Such incidents not only give rise to number of ladies  without braids but installs pyramids of fear among them and other female members of society , which not only adversely effect the social fabric ,  various Social  phenomenons , sense of free movement ,  mental imprisonnment , access to Educational Institutes ( female students) , frequent absence of female employees from their offices  but Also adversely effect the day to day life style and  economical activities of females in Business & Rural Agricultural domains . It would not  be wrong to say these mischevious acts and silence by you is leading to shrinkage of space for females day by day. Your silence can’t be accepted either  a at local or national level. Your silence and your administration’s ineffectiveness has made  people to  start doubt about virtueful intent behind profemale schemes like  Batey Bacahvo Baty padavo , Scooty Scheme etc . The doubt raises  Not because people don’t want pro-female beneficial schemes ,but  perhaps some fringe elements don’t want to , They ensure that they errect hurdles in their studies & free movement and make people to sense Beti Bachavo Beti padhavo as ‘Beti Bachavo breid Katavo ‘ scheme.
As a CM it is Ur responsibility to make sure that People live under secure environment which unfortunately you failed so far !  let’s not  debate helplessness of urs during 2016 right now. 
However it doesn’t free you from your duty to safeguard our natural & legal right to move freely & live without any fear ! 
At your disposal there is whole big momth size adminstration and pile of adminstrative & legaslative powers ,I too like all Kashmiris wish that you use those powers as like you do when fighting and tackling So called Stone Peters and Militants ! Or otherwise allow me to think that   that very momth power is meant to be  used only to Kill and harm Kashmiris , not to safeguard them.
It is also matter of concern that when Army doesn’t have any role in dealing with criminals , why did they furated several airal fires and saved the alleged braid chopper which otherwise was the duty of Police. If to beleive eye witnesses of recent incidents , then I should ask you Why it happens repeatedly ,that within no time army shows up and saves the alleged criminal whenever & wherever such incidents happen.
Would you kindly show  that here in Kashmir we have Govt & CM on which   We can bank our  trust ? If u don’t then I am afraid people may take matters in own hands .Which like any sane mind I wouldn’t wish to take place . 
Let’s hope for the best ! 
With hope and regards :-

Irfan Shafi Baba

MBA Student

Kashmir University