A Tribute To Pinky Kour

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By Fast Kashmir on 24/09/2017.

A Tribute To Pinky Kour


BY : Simranjeet Singh Raina

She woke up with the beautiful sunshine
Had her plans for the day which were to be executed on time
She went to the town and everything seemed to be fine
But she wasn’t aware that death had whispered in the air
That Now your are mine
Her dreams burned up in the flames
Her beauty melted down in the bloody terrains
Her smile was still there on her face
Like the sunshine leaves the plains
Nothing was her fault, but she became the victim
Everyone mourned her death and light of life seemed dim
The life came to a standstill hearing the news of her death.
No one could believe their ears
As it seemed to be a untimely Wrath.
But the truth was that death had engulfed her on this time.
She woke up with beautiful sunshine
She was a beautiful girl with beautiful dreams
The sound of blast silenced her screams
Her blood spilled like the rain
But she was alone and no one could hear her pain
I witnessed her cremation
A sense of dark grief prevailed everywhere
The wound of her were so deep
Simran wrote this piece as a tribute
But alas we lost Rattan deep