AIP delegation meets Manmohan Singh led Congress Core group

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By Fast Kashmir on 16/09/2017.

duty bound to help in resolving Kashmir dispute..… Er Rasheed.

Asks congress to support Modi government in finding the resolution.

Srinagar, 16 September: A four member delegation of AIP led by Er Rasheed met today former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and his colleagues and urged for a time bound resolution of Kashmir dispute. Er Rasheed reminded congress leadership of the fact that since congress has ruled both the state and the center for majority of the time since 1947, as such it is responsibility of the party to work hard in finding out a peaceful resolution to the dispute. Er Rasheed said, “It was late Pandith Jawaharlal Nehru who promised plebiscite to people of Jammu and Kashmiri and reminding India and Pakistan of Nehru’s promise doesn’t amount to being traitor. However it is not time to indulge in blame game and Kashmiris being at the receiving end can’t do much in resolving the dispute. We the people of J&K are in desperate need of peace surly more than India and Pakistan but nothing lies in our hands. Congress leadership is morally bound to facilitate a resolution to the dispute and as such congress leadership must approach the current ruling Modi government and offer its sincere cooperation and advice over the burning issue. It is need of the hour that national parties are made to understand that India can get more gains from peace rather indulging in confrontation with people of J&K and Pakistan.” Er Rasheed told the delegation that Kashmiris are always open for meaningful talks but it is New Delhi that has eroded the credibility of institution of dialogue from time to time. However he added that there is no alternative but all the stake holders including India, Pakistan and people of J&K must start a meaningful and time bound dialogue to resolve the issue. Er Rasheed appealed congress leaders not to oppose the genuine moves by current government which would help in resolving the issue. Citing example he said reminded congress leaders the fact that they opposed Narendra Modi’s surprise visit to Pakistan and some other CBMs and expected the hope that congress and all other national political parties will keep Kashmir issue above political interests and will not give current NDA Govt. an excuse that opposition parties are opposing the moves to resolve Kashmir Issue.