Assault on 35-A an assault on our soul, identity: Dr Farooq

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By Fast Kashmir on 08/09/2017.

Assault on 35-A an assault on our soul, identity: Dr Farooq


Abdullahs offer Fateha at Naseem Bagh

Srinagar, Sep 08: National Conference (NC) Friday held a commemorative function and congregational Fateha Khwani at Qaid Mazaar, Srinagar to pay glowing tributes to Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah on his 35th Death Anniversary.
National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah and Working President Omar Abdullah attended the commemorative function and offered Fateha at the Qaid Mazaar in Naseem Bagh.
Speaking on the occasion, National Conference President and Member of Parliament for Srinagar, Dr. Farooq Abdullah highlighted the spirit of selfless service and sacrifice that formed the core of Sher-e-Kashmir’s legacy and said his vision should continue to guide the party in the service of the people. “Sher-e-Kashmir taught us to put the needs and aspirations of the people before all temptations of power.
He chose to spend more than two decades in jail cells but never compromised on his ideology and his courage. He lived his life for the poor and disempowered and every battle he fought was a righteous battle to uphold the dignity of the State and its people. His vision of a diverse yet inclusive and united Jammu and Kashmir acted as a unifying bond in the State and today, in the face of divisive forces and their nefarious designs, it is imperative that we hold on to that vision and ensure nobody divides us”, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said.
Dr. Farooq Abdullah said the assault on the State’s special status was a challenge that should unite everyone who is sincere towards the people and is committed to defend the State’s unique political and cultural identity. “The assault on Article 35-A is an assault on our soul and our identity and we should all unite to defend our honour. The powers that be are using myths and distortions to support their long-cherished goal of weakening J&K from within but in the end the truth always prevails. Article 35-A is not for any one region or religion of the State but is an article of faith and honour for all regions and religions. The party’s outreach and awareness programme is being met with overwhelming response in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh regions and this is a proof of our unity in standing up for our rights as one State and one people irrespective of our religion, region, caste or creed”, Dr. Farooq Abdullah added.

Pic by, Shah Jehangir/FK

National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah paid glowing tributes to Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah on his 35th Death Anniversary and said Sher-e-Kashmir’s struggle to defend the State’s political identity was ongoing in the face of recent challenges that we have to overcome as one people.
“Sher-e-Kashmir spent his life struggling for all of us and for our political aspirations and rights. Today as we commemorate his 35th Death Anniversary, we are confronted with a new assault on the State’s special status both from within the State and from outside the State. Those who have always dreamt of weakening our special status are now in an alliance with a party from within our State and are using this Trojan Horse to the hilt to divide us and rob us of our rights. The best tribute to Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah would be to fight against these forces with full political might and ensure their evil goals are nipped in the bud. National Conference will continue to reach out to the people in all the three regions of the State to evolve a strong and resolute consensus on the grassroots level”, Omar Abdullah said.
Similar commemorative functions were held across the State in all the three regions where speakers paid glowing tributes to Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah. On this occasion, a delegation from Leh travelled to Srinagar to participate in the commemorative function here and paid tribute to Sher-e-Kashmir.
Senior National Conference Leaders including NC General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar, Additional General Secretary Dr. Sheikh Mustafa Kamal, Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani, Senior Leaders Abdul Rahim Rather, Chaudhary Muhammad Ramzan, Mian Altaf Ahmed, Mubarak Gul, Muhammad Akbar Lone, Sakina Ittoo, Sharif-ud-din Shariq, Shameema Firdous, Mir Saifullah, Muhammad Syed Akhoon besides other senior leaders, legislators and functionaries also participated in the commemorative function and spoke on the occasion after offering Fateha at Qaid Mazaar. (KNS)