Assurances given to me were fulfilled, only partly: Imran Ansari

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By Fast Kashmir on 26/09/2017.

Assurances given to me were fulfilled, only partly: Imran Ansari


‘PDP likely to reshuffle portfolios of few ministers’

Srinagar, Sep 26: Amid reports of reshuffle in the ministries of PDP and BJP, the PDP Shia leader and minister for Youth Services and Sports, Imran Raza Ansari said that he does not feel ‘marginalised” from the party even though the chief minister has “partly” fulfilled the “assurances” given to him.
Ansari said that he had resigned not because of a ‘low-key’ portfolio but over the issues of development and upliftment of the community he belongs.
“I did not resign on grounds of not giving me a ‘fair portfolio’. I don’t endorse the view propagated by the media that I had resigned over a low-key portfolio. I resigned over the issues ranging from development of the state and up¬liftment of the people I belong to. It was a personal reason and I conveyed it to the honorable Chief Minister. Secondly, Baigh sahib did tell me to rejoin the rank but the assurances were given to me by Honorable chief minister herself. The assurances given to me were fulfilled, only partly,” Ansari told The Kashmir Magazine in an interview.
The minister said that he has been taken on board by the chief minister Mehbooba Mufti over crucial developments of the state.
“Things are getting better. Assurances given to me by honorable CM have been taken due care, partly although. I am being invited over the crucial ‘develop¬ments’ going on in the state,” he said in reply to a question.
Ansari had resigned in February this year from the ministry reportedly over his “low-key portfolio”.
The PDP is likely to reshuffle portfolios of few ministers from its quota of council of ministers and the decision will be taken soon.
Reliable sources told KNS that portfolio of few ministers will be changed.
“The portfolio of a cabinet minister will be changed, while another cabinet minister will be given some important portfolios,” the source said.
In February, Ansari and Basharat Bukhari, had resigned after Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti expanded her council of ministers and had changed portfolios of various ministers.
Bukhari, who held portfolios of Revenue and Relief and Rehabilitation, was assigned the charge of the Horticulture department, while Ansari holds the portfolios of Information Technology, Technical Education and Youth Services & Sports. (KNS)