Aung San Suu Ki must surrender noble Prize, Er. Rasheed

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By Fast Kashmir on 07/09/2017.

Says there are no comparisons between Kashmir issue and Rohangies issue

Kupwara 07 September. Accusing Aung San Suu Chi, Myanmar’s state councilor of disgracing noble prize, AIP Supremo and MLA Lagate Er. Rasheed has ridiculed her claim that Myanmar is facing the same situation what India is facing in Kashmir. While interacting with people in Kupwara today Er. Rasheed said that there are no comparisons between the two conflicts. Er. Rasheed said “It is shameful and unfortunate that Aung San Suu Chi who was seen as icon for her constant fight to uphold democratic traditions and human rights has changed her colors so quickly and is justifying the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Myanmar. The world community needs to move beyond expressing concerns and condemnations and those who have been accusing Muslims of being radical and intolerant must realize what the monks of non-violence are doing to Rohangiye Muslims. While Kashmir is a purely political dispute, the Muslims in Myanmar are facing threat to their survival and are facing the worst crimes against humanity”. Er. Rasheed appealed UN and other organizations to save bleeding humanity in Myanmar and asked Aung San Suu Chi to surrender the noble prize as she has lost the moral and legal right to claim being a peace preacher.