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By Fast Kashmir on 17/09/2017.

CM Mufti reaches out to people


Spends a complete day in Pulwama met with 100’s of delegations

Pulwama, Sep 17: In a bid to reach out to the people on ground zero, Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti spent almost a complete day in Pulwama in meeting the people and most of the meetings with one to one meetings. Most of the people who met her had come in delegations from various areas of the district, informed sources said.
“We were surprised when we heard about her visit and approached her to sought redressal of our grievances. Mehbooba Mufti on the spot directed the concerned officials for the redressal of our issues,” said a deputation of transporters who sought a separate enclosure for them in the town for their smooth functioning and minimizing frequent traffic congestion.
Chief Minster reached the town around 11 am and directly drove to the Circuit House where people had already started gathering in the lawns where tents had been pitched. She was accompanied by the local lawmakers and the officials including her principle secretary.
A delegation from Keller Block sought development of a various places in the area. Another deputation from Bello Dargund village also demanded development in the area and construction of flood protection works nearby.
“It is a great initiative by the Chief Minister to be on ground zero and the work we visited here has been endorsed by her good self. We have sought development works in our areas, which was neglected by the previous governments,” said the delegations, which were coming out after meeting the Chief Minister.
PDP sources said the day was kept exclusively for interactions of the people with the Chief Minster. “It was part of the outreach and there were no speeches. The Chief Minister wanted to listen to the problems the people were facing and give directions,” one party leader said.
Meanwhile, it was for the first time post 2016, when Chief Minister for the whole day camped in the district wherein she interacted and redressed the grievances of general public. According to reports, Chief Minister met almost 134 delegations.
“There were issued pertaining to all activities of life, there were issues related to agriculture, horticulture, heath and many other things,” the party source said. “She gave directions to the official on the spot.”
This, the party sources said, was part of the renewed outreach. “It will continue at other places as well,” he said.
However, deputations from Tumlihal, Shopian Block, Murran, Handew, Shahoora, Kangan, Newa, Zasow, Bello, Dargund and other areas also met her, demanding redressal of their grievances. There were lot women who had meeting with the Chief Minister and there were students too. KNS