Commemorate this Ashura without Quma Zani (Self flagellation)!

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By Fast Kashmir on 30/09/2017.

Commemorate this Ashura without Quma Zani (Self flagellation)!

By Javeed Ali

Have you ever thought why World Media right from America’s Washington Post to Kashmir’s Greater Kashmir show Shias only while self flagellating? Just type ‘Shia’ in Google there you will see nothing but only blood. Why is Mainstream Media (MSM) doing it? Why don’t they reveal Shias while performing prayers, fasting, pilgrimage and other religious obligations? Some Shias even thank them for carrying blood shedding pictures of Shias in their news items.
We must ponder and think deeply that this is being done to portray the wrong picture of Shias and prevent people from coming close to Shia faith. There are millions in the world who want to know about Shiasm but when they search anything on Shia Islam, they are shown only the blood. This keeps them away in doing further research on Shia Islam. We must accept this fact that Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) and Ahlulbayt (A.S.) have never committed Quma Zani (Self flagellation). Some people quote couple of traditions wherein they try to prove that Imam Sajad (A.S.) and Syeda Zainab (S.A.) were mourning for Imam Hussain (A.S.) and meanwhile got involved in some acts which led to bleeding. These are not authentic traditions and same cannot justify blood shedding in Muharram. More importantly, self flagellation is not proven through Quranic verses. It has accidently come into Shia fold and there were so many Shia Clerics in the past who tried to prevent it but were unable to do so due to some barriers. But now the time has come to call a spade a spade. Imam Khomeini (R.A.) brought the Islamic revolution in Iran and with that he categorically barred Quma Zani (Self flagellation) in Azadari (mourning) and thereafter Imam Khamenei reiterated it number of times to desist from Quma Zani (Self flagellation). Even Aga Syed Ali Sistani declared to refrain from these things which smear the image of Shia Islam.
The tragedy is that those people who preach and support Quma Zani (Self flagellation) don’t do it themselves. Even their families never get involved in it. They only direct people to perform Quma Zani (Self flagellation) for their political motives and monetary benefits. They are led by Sadiq Shirazi group which is being funded and supported by Britain’s intelligence agency MI6.
Why should we indulge in these acts which do harm to our faith than the good. Why should we allow World Media to depict us wrongly to the International Community? Instead of promoting Quma Zani (Self flagellation), we should try to popularize the real significance of Azadari (mourning). Its because of Azadari (mourning) that Resistance Group Hezbollah defeated Israel and its because of Azadari (mourning) that Islamic System was established in Iran.
We can defeat any oppressor in the world when we do Azadari (mourning) in its real form. So when we know the real facets of Karbala and Ashura, we will achieve the best desired results for Islam and for ourselves as well. We should try to promote events of Ghadeer, Mubaihila, Karbala, Zul-Asheera and other important events of Islam. We should utilize our energy and resources to uplift the important pillars of Islam than the innovations which were not at the time of Fourteen Masoomeen (A.S.). I hope all people will leave their political affiliations apart and let’s commemorate this Ashura without Quma Zani (Self flagellation). Inshallah.

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