Conduct inquiries in depth into mysterious women’s hair chopping: Saroori

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By Fast Kashmir on 18/09/2017.


Sidra land eviction, PDP-BJP implementing RSS agenda

KISHTWAR, SEPTEMBER 18: – Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC), Vice President and MLA Inderwal, Ghulam Mohammad Saroori has asked Police officials to conduct in-depth inquiries into the mysterious instances of women’s hair being chopped off.

Saroori said strict action should be taken against anyone found guilty of these acts. Mr. Saroori asked the officials on the day when an information of hair chopping reports in Tanta Kahara, Thathri areas of sub-division Thathri in Doda district. So far, five cases have been reported in Kahara and Thathri areas and asked to sensitise the public regarding such activity.

Saroori said that JK Police need to send the local intelligence unit teams in civil dress to investigate the matter. He did not rule out the possibility of some people trying to seek cheap publicity or through black magic by claiming such attacks.

On state government decision regarding demolishing of 82 concrete structures in Sidra area of Jammu, Saroori alleged that the government was targeting a particular community in the garb of its ‘anti-encroachment drive’ on forestland. He said the decisions pertaining to the state were being taken as per directions from Nagpur.

Saroori said “the anti encroachment drive by authorities to evacuate illegally encroached forestland is good if it’s carried as per the law and in a fair manner”. “But the drive launched by the government is targeting a particular section of society which can very well be gauged from the fact that the drive is being carried out in Sidra, Sunjwan, Bhatindi and other such areas of Jammu. On the other hand the government is silent on mass scale encroachment in other parts of Jammu including on the water canal in Bakshi Nagar”, he said.

He said that if the government carries out the drive without any bias then the Congress will support it. “But if it is aimed against a particular community and for implementation of RSS agenda, then Congress will open a voice of revolt against it”, the state Congress vice president added.

Congress lawmaker also said that as per the functioning of PDP BJP coalition government in state, it seem as if decisions are being taken on the directions received from Nagpur and the government is being run from there. Earlier, Mr. Saroori chaired a workers’ meeting in Mangthalla area of Thakrie, asking cadre to strengthen the party, so as to boost the party on ground level. He lambasted state and central governments for their ‘failure’ to meet out their promises with the public, adding that developmental activities in the state have come to a standstill.