Deptt and administration fails to repair footpath

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/09/2017.

Deptt and administration fails to repair footpath

Mohammad Saleem 

Gandoh,sept 11: The bed condition of  footpath  from busstand Gandoh to tehsil complex is causing immense suffering to pedestrians.

Several people belonging to different areas falling under the jurisdiction of sub Division Gandoh and students use to walk on foot through this footpath.

The footpath slabs were reportedly destroyed since last five years.

As a result, the footpath is not walkable and all public suffering badly due to ignorance of the Department and administration. 

Senior citizen Chaman Lal said that  school students of catchment area  which runs daily on this path are facing  danger situation. “Most of these school kids walk without any supervision having   chance to fall  into very deep gorge .

The poor condition of the footpath has turned out to be a nightmare for the residents of the locality.

This caused risk to the daily movement of thousands students of government college to primary level schools  run on it & take high risk daily.

Local people also blamed the  department for not imposing fines for such irresponsible acts.