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By Fast Kashmir on 10/09/2017.


Submits memorandum before Rajnath

Srinagar, Sep 10: Democratic Party Nationalist (DPN) president and former agriculture minister, Ghulam Hassan Mir on Sunday met the Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh here.
Mir discussed various issued related to the peace and prosperity of the state.
He also submitted a memorandum before the Union Home Minister.
DPN welcomes your visit to the State of Jammu and Kashmir at a time when the people of the state need a Healing Touch policy. We feel immensely pleased to have you here to address the issues impacting the socio-political, human and economic conditions of the state. Happenings seen around is an outcome of negative campaigning pushing the humanity to distress and dissension in general.
Global political scenario is affecting our neighbourly relations which otherwise could have led to a better understanding of issues required for people friendly arrangements conducive for overcoming the problems presently being faced by the state as a whole. Our country has always been a role model whether it was about Bangladesh independence, South African human rights issues or Palestine problem. The approach has now to be re-kindled as regards the “Rohingya Muslims”, the most persecuted minority facing the worst type of brutality. NDA Government has to live up to its image and work to stop this ethnic cleansing with a view to reverse the image of intolerance and unaccommodating nature which the circumstances have assigned to it.
India has always been a champion for supporting the supressed people and advocating for Human Rights has remained its motive which NDA Government has to carry forward with earnest zeal. The said image has to be restored to its past glory by setting new milestones.
Kashmir, as we all see, continues to be on boil despite PDP-BJP lead Alliance which is evidenced by the ground situation as it exists. The state of affairs in the State are fluid and the events happening are challenging to comprehend. Democratic Institutions which is the soul of every State have almost turned non-functional, crippling the infrastructure at the grass-root level. Plethora of grievances heaped over a period of time are left unattended by the present dispensation resulting in increased alienations at almost all levels. This could have been taken care of during “Summer Session of the State Legislature” which as a precedent used to be called by the Honourable Governor but the State Government is evading it this time for no valid reason. You may have to intervene and put the democratic process back on wheels to address the common man’s day to day affairs.
Your visit this time has gained importance as you have come with open arms to embrace all stake holders of Kashmir imbroglio. Hopes have been pinned that the visit will prove beyond expectations and go a long way to release the pain and sufferings of the people of the State and let them live a dignified life.
There has been a systematic decline seen over a period of last two years now as regards the tourist arrivals hitting the backbone of the State’s economy. Role of PDP lead Government could be one of the reason besides the turmoil state has been witnessing. Same is true of the States Handicraft sector badly affecting the artisan community of Kashmir valley in particular. Your visit is seen as a hope to announce a concrete policy for revival of these two important sectors in the public interest.
Democratic Party Nationalist is viewing your visit as a hope to identify and announce people friendly arrangements conducive to minimize the people’s sufferings on various counts. Issues of conflict in whatever form can be put on a back seat or even reversed without compromising the State as well as National interests. Time is ripe to concentrate on welfare schemes for educated un-employed youth which is the most affected class. The existing schemes like “Himmayat”, “Uddan” and like, which proved beneficial need to be strengthened besides launching new ones and opening avenues and opportunities in colleges and Universities of the country to accommodate qualified youth by giving special concessions in different disciplines/curricula. This needs to be evaluated and strategized in a win-win like situation.
The Centre-State relations have come under strain despite political bonhomie. Questioning the validity of Art. 35-A and 370 of the Constitution which otherwise are very close to the hearts of the people of the State is creating doubts about the sincerity and credibility of the NDA Government and the States Ruling Alliance. Taking the matter to the Apex court and then GOI back-tracking on the legal stand before the court makes one to feel its abrogation as an agenda of operation. The approach needs to be cleared during your present visit keeping in view the people’s emotions attached to the issue and also historical background which led to the temporary accession of the State to the Union of India by the erstwhile Raja. Aspirations of the people have to be respected if people are to be carried with and made to join the mainstream.
Prime Ministers loud message on the occasion of Independence Day that “Goli se Nahin Boli se aur Galay Lagane Se” was taken well by all sections of the society in the State including separatists but this has to be put to implementation on ground. As on today there seems little impact of the pronouncement as the innocent killings and use of force is still haunting common Kashmiri. Putting it to implementation should be the categorical message to the enforcing agencies right now during your present visit,
Our party views your present visit of immense importance and looks forward announcements and measures touching all aspects in the interest of suppressed and oppressed people of the state and Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar. (KNS)