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By Fast Kashmir on 16/09/2017.

Geelani appeals communities for communal harmony
Denounces coalition govt regime for divide and rule policy

Srinagar, Sep 16: Syed Ali Geelani on Saturday denounced coalition regime in state for their divide and rule policy and asked to stop and desist from nourishing communal sentiments among different sects living in state, saying Interference and meddling in religious substances is a serious matter.
Strongly denouncing the lockdown of Jamia Masjid Srinagar and barring devotees from offering prayers, Syed Ali Geelani said that such type of wrongdoings is in no way justified. Terming it grave injustice with Muslim community, Geelani said that it is highly condemnable and such uncalled actions are creating sense of insecurity and offending and annoying people.
Geelani while appealing both Buddhist and Muslim communities to maintain mutual brotherhood and harmony, said that they need to sort out their minor differences and maintain age-old mutual ties and relationship.
Cautioning against the sinister designs propounded by people in power corridors, Geelani stressed for strengthening the mutual ties and relations between different communities living in state.
Terming the prevailing situations in state as horrendous, Geelani said that imperialistic and tyrannical forces for their political gains always exploit situations and instigate and promote infighting among different ethnic sections in society.
In his fervent appeal to followers of different faith and religion, Geelani asked to join right to self-determination movement, irrespective of their faith and religion so that long pending Kashmir is resolved as per people’s aspirations.
Not only Muslims but everyone living within entity of state has right to vote and express his will and wish about the political destiny of the state, clarified Geelani and added that people’s aspirations are genuine and based on right to self-determination as envisaged in the United Nations Security Council resolutions and internationally recognized, asserted Geelani. (KNS)