Hakeem Yaseen condemns genocide of Rohingya Muslims.

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/09/2017.

Hakeem Yaseen condemns genocide of Rohingya Muslims.
Appeals to see Rohingya refugees issue through humanitarian prism

Srinagar, Sep 11: Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) and MLA Khansahib, Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen has strongly condemned the ongoing genocide of Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar and has called upon the world community to force the Myanmar Government to stop this worst kind of persecution let loose against the hapless un-armed Rohingya Muslims.
In a statement issued to KNS, Hakeem Yaseen has said that local Buddhist extremists and the Myanmar Army are indulging in the worst kind of barbarism and human rights violations against helpless Rohingya Muslims by torching their habitations, burning alive the people and gunning down men, women, elders, children, youth and infants whoso comes in their sight on massive scale.
He said situation of Rohingya Muslims is very painful and horrifying adding that peace loving people all over the world should denounce in one voice the arrogance of Myanmar Government.
Hakeem Yaseen has expressed his dismay over the criminal silence adopted by the international community and so called world human rights champions over the brutal massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and has appealed the UNO and OIC to rein in against the ruthless Myanmar Government to stop genocide of Rohingya people forth with.
Hakeem Yaseen has also appealed to the neighbouring countries especially Bangladesh and India to give shelter to Rohingya refugees who are being forced to flee their homes and hearths in utter despair and most compelling circumstances.
Hakeem Yaseen has also appealed to all the social and political organisations of the India and Jammu and Kashmir to see the issue of Rohingya refugees through the prism of compassion and humanity and do not exploit it for gaining political mileage. (KNS)