Huge gathering attend Etihad-e Milt Conference at Pattan

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/09/2017.

Huge gathering attend Etihad-e Milt Conference at Pattan

Saleem Yousuf 

Pattan, 11 Sep 2017:- Huge gathering of Muslims today participated in one day *Etihade Milat* conference organized by “Jamt-e Ahlihadees”District Baramulla at Eidgah Pattan. 

            On the Occasion several renowned Islamic scholars including Ghulam Mohmmad Bhat President Jamte Ahlihades J&k,Movlana, Ghulam Mohmmad Mir District President,Movlana Irshad Ahmad Tantray Al Madni,Movlana Mohmmad Yousuf Bhat Al Salfi,Prof Zahoor Ahmad shah Al Madni,Movlana Ashiq Ahmad Unto,Movlana Hilal Ahmad Lone Al Madni,Movlana Abdul Hafeez Bali Al Madni & other dignitaries from different areas of state addressed the day-long conference on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), speakers emphasized the need for adherence to the Holy Quran and Sunnah. 
            Besides the General Public Several Dignitaries including Managing body of the Seminar ,Cheirman Auqaf Islamia Pattan Ghulam Mohmmad Sofi & Adv Saleem Yousuf were also Present.

        At the end the management appreciates the efforts of Muncipal Commiittee ,Pattan Police ,AEE PHE Pattan,BMO Pattan ,Higher Secondary School and Eig Gah Committee for Playing their Positive efforts to make the Seminar Successful.