JRL leaders  will go to Delhi and present ourselves for arrest at the NIA headquarters 

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By Fast Kashmir on 06/09/2017.



Srinagar, September 06: Govt of  India is following a  policy of coercion  defamation and intimidation in Kashmir as it does not want to address the actual issue . It wants to change the whole narrative So diversionary tactics and propaganda is being used it’s a multi pronged approach .. 

defame and malign the leadership, through personal attack on their integrity by spreading viscous lies about them and distorting and manipulating  facts in order to create disillusionment among the masses regarding them and hence demoralize the Kashmiri masses from their just political struggle recognized by the world. Viscous and consistent propaganda through media especially electronic and social is being carried out .. each day media trials are conducted on prime time television and Kashmiri movement ridiculed leadership abused and Kashmiris humiliated. People of India are being fed lies and propaganda. Intimidation and harassment of our family members associates friends acquaintances party cadres organizations associated with us or any and everyone they can lay their hands on is done through sending of so called notices of NIA.Using fear as a tool of intimidation against these people and psychologically tormenting them to put pressure on us.


Even social and educational and legal institutions be it Anjuman Nustarulislam, Auqaf Jama Masjid or Bar Association  associated with leadership or the movement are being targeted and those working there harassed by sending them notices 


Members of Business community and now press and media fraternity and youth are also being targeted, harassed and jailed while writer’s intellectual’s artists respected members of civil society or anyone who raises a voice against oppression and for resolution of Kashmir dispute is intimidated by sending of the notices.


The narrative of the Kashmir dispute and our struggle for self determination is being deliberately distorted and it is projected as a sponsored movement from across the border where money is the motivation and the end. 


700,000 armed forces that are stationed here making Kashmir the world’s most militarized zone is not explained .. did the more than one lakh people who were killed mercilessly by forces in the past 27 years die for money? were the thousands of Kashmiris enforced into disappearances at the hands of forces after money the thousands of people pelleted blinded and maimed and handicapped for life doing it for money? the thousands of Kashmiris languishing in jails under draconian laws like PSA doing it for money? the students across institutions who come out to agitate and protest so that now authorities are repeatedly shutting down educational institutions doing it to get money? are traders and shopkeepers who bring down their shutters to protest oppression and killings doing so for money?

These ridiculous arguments hold no ground .


While killings oppression and harassment continues the judicial route is now also being used to launch another offensive against the people of jk through ways to abrogate article 35 A and 370 .The move aimed at settling outsiders in J&K in order to change the demography of the state is being pursued to render Kashmiris powerless and irrelevant and hence dilute the disputed nature of Kashmir. this move has a direct bearing on our Right to self determination guaranteed by the Indian state at the UN and ratified by the world body itself.


First leadership was labeled as anti national then separatist and now terrorists for demanding the honoring of the commitments made to us by GOI at the UN and resolution of the dispute. Leadership said that it is extremely sad that our family members and relatives are being harassed  and vilified by virtue of their relationship to us and those associated with us based on principles of political ideology ,our activists aides workers  and others are being targeted for their association with us..if the whole drama is being enacted to get to us we are ready to go to jail anytime but there is no question that we can be pressurized to move away from the path of seeking justice and resolution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the people’s aspirations and wishes.

In this regard JRL leaders Syed Ali shah Geelani, Yasin Malik and myself will go to Delhi and present ourselves for arrest at the NIA headquarters 


Seventy years of people’s movement  to self determination has been  nourished by the blood and supreme sacrifices of life and honor of lakhs  of people of Jammu and Kashmir and now our younger generation keenly conscious of this  are also struggling to seek this fundamental right .And Like  every political movement of this nature , it is vibrant and dynamic constantly adapting to changing times with the values of justice and right to sovereignty at its core. And as long as these values are dear to us we can never be defeated.


Leadership said that our political movement regarding our permanent future dispensation is a globally acknowledged and endorsed issue ratified by the world community at UN through various resolutions regarding it. Both India and Pakistan are a party to the dispute but the primary party is the people of J&K . Unless the dispute is resolved in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the people of J&K our just struggle will continue.