LeT pays tribute to slain Kulgam militant

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By Fast Kashmir on 02/09/2017.

LeT pays tribute to slain Kulgam militant

Condemns “inhumane behaviour with Asiya Andrabi”

Srinagar, Sep 02 : Mahmood Shah, Chief Lashkar-e-Taiba, has paid tributes to its commander Muhammad Ashfaq of Yaripura, Kulgam, who was killed in Kulgam today.
In an emailed statement to KNS, Shah said that the “sacrifices of martyrs are rendering fruitful results for the Jammu Kashmir’s Freedom struggle”.
“Committing such sacrifices on the day of Eid is enough for the occupational forces to know that Kashmiris reject India’s barbaric doctorine. We will avenge each and every one of our martyrs.”
“The nation must take proactive steps to ensure that no pro-India informers succeed in their vicious plans. It is these traitors who have caused a much greater damage to the just and legitimate cause of Kashmir,” the statement said.
Mahmood Shah “strongly condemned the inhumane behavior with Syeda Asiya Andarabi, chairperson Dukhturan-e-Millat, despite her illness.”
He said that world’s so-called humanitarian activists are silent on India’s torment. “Nobody is willing to speak up against the poor plight of Kashmiris. This is a disgrace to the face of humanities.”
Mahmood Shah “strongly reacted to the stance of Mehbooba Mufti and said that it seems she has not only sold her faith to India but also her Kashmiri values. If it had been otherwise, no daughter of Kashmir would have fallen to the barbarism of Indian forces. Mehbooba Mufti must know that the lust to govern does not end well and that India’s dual standards will, in future, isolate her from their support.”
Mahmood Shah requested the world’s humanitarian organizations to play their proactive part in the release of Hurriyat leaders including Asiya Andarabi, Dr. Qasim Fakto, Musarat Alam Bhatt, and others. (KNS)