Militant outfits are morally bound to tell the truth about Tral attack….. Er. Rasheed Says Govt

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By Fast Kashmir on 21/09/2017.

 has lost moral right to condemn the killings

Srinagar 21 September: Expressing deep anger, anguish and sorrow over loss of innocent lives in Tral today, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed has reiterated that only way to stop bloodshed is to resolve Kashmir dispute through meaningful dialogue. In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said that Kashmiris need peace more than any body and those killing innocents are doing a great disservice to humanity. He said “violence of all forms needs to be condemned. It is a known fact that J&K dispute has become like an industry for many, who need human blood to run it, but it is the innocent lives who have to pay huge cost for none of their fault”. Er. Rasheed added that had Govt. ensured law of the land by making forces accountable and delivered justice at the gross root level, people would have taken its efforts seriously, but if disappearances, tortures and killings are justified in the name of fighting anti-nationals, the appeals of ruling class and other apparatus of state go unnoticed and even counterproductive. He said “not only the civilian killings but those of men in uniform, militants and unknown persons shake conscience of every Kashmiri. However Kashmiris are always at the receiving end and their words don’t make much difference”. Er. Rasheed appealed militant outfits also not to forget that they are claiming to be fighting for rights of people and their opponents do also confess that militants enjoy a popular support, as such it is moral responsibility of all militant outfits to come clean over the issue and make people to believe that they are not involved in such incidents. Er. Rasheed also condemned use of force against the peaceful protestors after the attack in which many innocent civilians were critically injured and appealed Govt. to fulfill its promise of showing maximum restrain.