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By Fast Kashmir on 16/09/2017.

Govt tells officials to submit weekly report

Srinagar, Sep 16: Aimed reports that various welfare schemes were not being implemented properly in the state, the state government has directed all the heads of the departments to submit weekly report to the government on implementation of government schemes.
Sources within the government told KNS that government’s directions have come in view that very less developmental works take place in last few months due to the poor utilization of funds. “The government has received many complaints regarding the poor implementation of government schemes and has observed that coordination between the government and the officials is essential for the success of the schemes,” sources said.
Sources maintained that Chief Minister has also directed the heads of the departments to go for field visits in regular intervals and report to her directly on implementation of development projects. “The commissioner-cum-secretaries of the concerned departments have also been directed to undertake the district trips regularly and take strong action against non-performing officials,” sources quoting CM having said.
Sources said that government has told the officials that their performance will be judged on the proper utilization of funds in various schemes and other developmental works.
Sources said that the chief minister also has made it clear to the officers that laxity in the implementation of schemes meant for the welfare of women and children will not be tolerated.
Further the directions have been passed where the administrative secretaries, DCs and HODs have been told that developmental works should be started with proper approval from Planning and Finance department to know the source of funds and the concerned officials will be held responsible if these works get affected for want of funding.
Sources said the legislators and ministers had been starting some developmental works without proper source of funding thus putting a huge burden on state exchequer. “Many a times the officials divert funds from other projects to these developmental works resulting all works get affected. Bureaucrats have been told to make proper guidance to legislators about the source of funds for developmental works,” one of the officials said. (KNS)