On UNGA sidelines, Kashmiris call for peaceful resolution

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By Fast Kashmir on 26/09/2017.

On UNGA sidelines, Kashmiris call for peaceful resolution


Offer mediation between India and Pakistan

New York, Sep 25: Kashmir Global Council (KGC) has called upon India and Pakistan to take immediate and effective steps to address the long pending dispute of Jammu and Kashmir and start a dialogue process to create an atmosphere that will help people to live in peace. It has also offered to mediate between the two neighbours and act as bridge to forge friendship that was in the interest of people of state.
A meeting organized by KGC was attended by well-established professionals in north America and Canada in which the current situation prevailing in Kashmir was discussed threadbare. The speakers highlighted the plight and sufferings of the people of the state who were fighting for their political right. They expressed serious concern over the situation stating that people have been caught in a situation that is hostage to hostilities between India and Pakistan. “Kashmiris are being killed, maimed and blinded and unfortunately these violations are being condoned since the narrative is being changed to suit the respective positions” they said in a statement to KNS.
The speakers asked India and Pakistan to shun their policy of continuing with the hostile atmosphere that is adding misery to people’s woes. “Both countries should show maturity and concentrate on their people who are facing poverty and not do shadow boxing of no consequence” President KGC Farooq Siddiqui said. He said that they owe to people of Jammu and Kashmir a dignified and permanent solution. For this, he said both countries should step back on hostilities and start a meaningful dialogue of which people of state should be part. “Dialogue is the only key and way to find a resolution and remaining hooked to the ego of these two countries is only adding to the sufferings of people of Jammu and Kashmir” the participants said adding that the semblance of peace between the two countries seen from 2003 to 2007 should have been a learning experience, and the thread should be picked up from that process.
They pointed out that Indian government’s current policy of hard line and victimizing the political leadership is not going to help ease the situation. “Genuine political aspirations of people cannot be suppressed by militarization” they said.
Calling upon both the countries to take immediate and effective steps for creating a conducive atmosphere they said that time is running out and before people are pushing to a bigger catastrophe it is incumbent upon them to show maturity and sensibility. Siddiqui said that KGC was ready to mediate between them and work as a bridge. “KGC is the genuine voice of Kashmir Diaspora who work in this part of the world by earning a decent living and have no other motive but to help their people back home without keeping their voice hostage to anyone” said Siddiqui. Besides him KGC vice president Showkat Mufti, KGC spokesman Dr Humaira Gowhar, and many others attended the daylong conference.
Meanwhile Farooq Siddiqui expressed shock and grief over the demise of prominent physician Dr Merajuddin Munshi who passed away in Srinagar. Terming him as a thinker, philosopher and an ardent freedom lover the KGC president said that his sacrifice for cause of freedom was unmatched. “He contributed hugely for the good of his people and he will be remembered for his selfless service to the cause” said Siddiqui adding that KGC conveys heartfelt condolences to the family. (KNS)