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By Fast Kashmir on 22/09/2017.

One Day Youth NC Convention


Autonomous regional councils to avert trifurcation: Rana

Nagrota, Sep 22: Saying that elected autonomous regional councils for Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh under the overall ambit of the State will be appropriate rebuff to voices of trifurcation, Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Friday sought a serious consideration on the well-conceived Regional Autonomy Report formulated by National Conference.
“The Regional Autonomy Report was formulated after thorough deliberations and consultations at various levels during the tenure of Dr Farooq Abdullah in late nineties”, Rana said while inaugurating National Conference Block Office along National Highway in Nagrota during the day-long Youth Convention this morning.
Rana said that the three regions of the state have distinct urges and aspirations which can be tackled by constitution of regional councils.
“National Conference appreciated this nearly two decades ago and set in motion the process of consultation that led to formulation of Regional Autonomy Report”, Rana said amid huge applause.
The Provincial President lambasted the BJP for creating hysteria over discrimination for nearly six decades and said that when it came to reckoning they betrayed the people soon after taking over the reins of government. He said the 2014 euphoria is terribly missing with disillusionment growing among people due to policy paralysis of the BJP partnered government, which is struggling to put its act together after plunging the state into unprecedented political and administrative crisis. He said the people of Jammu were particularly feeling let down and betrayed, as their problems are accumulating with each passing day.
The MLA Nagrota said that misgovernance has distanced the BJP from its core constituency, which is hugely realizing the mistake of putting a bunch of agitators into the cradle of administrators.
“The BJP performs well only when in the opposition”, he said in a lighter vein, adding that for over 60 years they had been exploiting the Jammu sentiment by crying hoarse over the so-called discrimination, deprivation and neglect but when it came to delivering, they just raised their hands. He blamed the BJP for pushing the Jammu region to backwards by stalling the process of development initiated during the Omar Abdullah led government.
Referring to erratic power and water supply, dilapidated condition of main and interior roads, scarcity of rations, deplorable hygienic conditions and fast crumbling administrative apparatus, Rana asked, “Where has the love of the self-proclaimed Messiahs of Jammu gone”. He said the tall claims of Ache Din is turning out as an unending nightmare with problems of people increasing every passing day.
Blaming the BJP for playing politics of divide and sowing seeds of mistrust, Rana cautioned against testing the spirit of inclusiveness of the people, saying those believing in unity in diversity will foil all their machinations by maintaining time tested unity and amity. He said fragmenting state’s pluralistic society into bits and pieces may have short-term gains for some but ultimately such a tendency is detrimental to progress and prosperity of the forward looking people of the state. He referred to exploitative politics being pursued by the BJP and said the people might have got swayed during the 2014 elections temporarily but the they have finally realized how their representatives betrayed the Jammu region in particular by not keeping promises and plunging it into crisis like situation.
The MLA said as long the people will remain united, nobody can weaken their resolve. He recalled the enormous role of National Conference during most testing times in keeping the flag of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh unity aloft.
“We have to keep this spirit alive”, he said and urged the party workers to take pledge to spread the message of communal amity and brotherhood in every locality. He said the youth had to play a crucial role in this regard to keep the spirit of inclusiveness alive. (KNS)