Play constructive role for Kashmir resolution: Jama’at to Int’l community

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By Fast Kashmir on 20/09/2017.

Play constructive role for Kashmir resolution: Jama’at to Int’l community
Kashmir is witness of gruesome and merciless approach by New-Delhi’

Srinagar, Sep 20: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir impresses upon the international community to raise the issue of human rights violations by government forces in Kashmir, in the 72nd session of United Nations General Assembly and appeals them to play a constructive role collectively in resolving this long standing dispute.
In a statement issued to KNS, Jama’at said, we convey our message to international community at this juncture when all leaders are under single roof of United Nations General Assembly, to take serious note of the volatile situation faced by Kashmiris at the hands of government forces. Kashmir is a disputed territory whose settlement is yet to be decided as per the UNSC resolutions.
‘We impress upon the international bodies as they congregate to deliberate upon the global issues and hardships faced by different nations, to take strong notice of the human rights abuses by government forces upon hapless and unarmed Kashmiris who are demanding peaceful and permanent settlement of Kashmir dispute according to their wishes and aspirations that has been guaranteed by United Nations Security Council resolutions, spokesperson of the Jama’at said.
‘Since 1947, Kashmiris are being deprived from getting the right ‘right to self determination’ which is their birth and fundamental right but India being a party of the dispute has refused so far to pave way for its resolution. The arrogant and rigid attitude of New-Delhi made this issue most complex and despite the haughty and stubborn posture of New-Delhi, world community particularly the influential institute of United Nation has failed to deliver justice to the people of Kashmir who are being killed, injured, maimed, blinded, arrested and disappeared at the hands of government forces.
‘Kashmir is witness of gruesome and merciless approach by New-Delhi. Every part of this region is suppressed by military might in order to push back Kashmiris from their cherished goal. Since 2016 mass uprising, New-Delhi executed all types of barbarity and pressure tactic to cow down Kashmiris. Despite all this, a new strategy has been employed in the name Cordon and Search Operations (CASO) to threaten and harass innocent Kashmiris. Villages and towns are being cordoned off, innocent youth are being arrested and shifted to undisclosed locations, properties are being vandalized, household goods are being damaged etc only to silent Kashmiris. Innocent and educated youth are being arrested and then tortured in police lockups, interrogations centers and thus they are being pushed to wall. In such a grim and explosive situation, this region needs your utmost attention for its peaceful resolutions, Jama’at said.
‘As United Nation has intervened in the disputes of Kosovo, East Timor etc, Kashmir is still waiting of your actions, spokesperson of Jama’at said.
Jama’at appeals international community to take serious cognizance of the deliberate delay of its resolution and asks world leaders to play their constructive role in resolving this humanitarian issue in accordance to the wishes and aspirations of Kashmiris. (KNS)