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By Fast Kashmir on 10/09/2017.

Political parties delegations meet Home Minister


Pitch for dialogue, safeguarding of constitutional position

Srinagar, Sep 10: The mainstream political parties delegations which met the visiting Home Minister Rajnath Sing Sunday appealed the Govenrment of India to start political dialogue and outreach in the Kashmir valley and safeguard the existing constitutional position of the state.
The delegations which met Singh include National Conference, Pradesh Congress Committee, CPI (M), PDF and DPN. While NC delegation was led by its Working President Omar Abdullah, PCC was led by Peerzada Sayeed, CPI (M) by M.Y. Tarigami, PDF by Hakeem Yasin and DPN by Ghulam Hassan Mir.
“We urged upon the Home Minister to start political outreach to address the alienation of the people which has increased in the last three years. The dialogue which has been stalled after the present government took over should be resumed. The policy of the present government has failed which is aggravating anger and alienation of the people,” PCC senior leader and Vice president, G N Monga told KNS.
“The absence of dialogue and hard posture taken by the Centre government has aggravated the situation. The hard posture may help the Centre Govenrment in other states, but in Jammu and Kashmir such policies are detrimental for the state and its people,” he said.
NC provincial president, Nasir Aslam Wani said that the party raised the political and security issues with the home minister.
“We discussed the political situation, absence of dialogue and the new policies by the Govenrment of India which are proving detrimental for the state,” Wani said.
“The issue of constitutional guarantees for the state was also discussed,” he said.
Besides, Ali Muhammad Sagar, Mian Altaf, Sakina Yatoo and other leaders included in the delegation of NC.
PDF president, Hakeem Yasin said that their delegation raised the issues of Articles 35A, 370, misgovernance, non-implementation of Agenda of Alliance and continuing repressive methods.
“We stressed upon safeguarding Articles 35A and 370, resumption of Indo-Pak dialogue, non-implementation of AoA in which the ruling parties have promised dialogue with all stakeholders. We also took up the issue of misgovernance, corruption, backdoor appointments, loss of institutional credibility due to misgovernance repression of youth which is increasing alienation of youth and the people,” Yasin told KNS.
He added that the issue of ceasefire violations and its impact on people living along the border and Rohingya Muslims was also taken up with the home minister.
The PDF delegation included Farooq Ahmad Khan, Mir Qayoom, Shamim Ahmad, Aijaz Ahmad Dar and others.
CPI (M) State Secretary, M.Y. Tarigami said that they urged upon the Home Minister to start political initiatives as people in the state are waiting for such initiatives from the Govenrment of India.
“We informed the Home Minister that the alienation level in increasing among people. Prime Minister’s “embrace” slogan should be translated into action as mere slogans will not work and resolve issues. Proper political strategy and political dialogue with all stakeholders needs to be started as people are waiting for political initiatives from GoI,” Tarigami told KNS.
He said that they told the HM that use of force will not bring the situation to normal.
He said that the delegation conveyed that any fiddling with Article 35A will “take the situation in the state out of control” as people are deeply concerned about 35A.
“The issues of unemployment, corruption, absence of private sector and livelihood opportunities were discussed,” he said.
PDP delegation was led by its Vice president Sartaj Madni and included party General Secretary Nizamu-Din Bhat.
Bhat said that the delegation stressed upon the Home Minister to implement Agenda of Alliance as its non-implementation is raising questions on the credibility of the Centre as well the state governments.
“Implementation of Agenda of Alliance should be expedited, an all inclusive dialogue with all stakeholders should be started, special status of the state should be safeguarded, Muslim majority character must be protected, employment opportunities for youth should be created,” Bhat told KNS.
“We insisted upon the Home Minister to start the political process should be started as was started by Mufti Muhammad Sayeed and A B Vajpayee during 2002 which gave hope and relief to people of the state. Today, we feel that there is no sincerity in starting the political process,” he said.
DPN president, G H Mir said that the urged upon the Home Minister that GoI should clear its position on safeguarding Article 35A as people in the state, who are sentimentally attached with the article and special status.
“The state of affairs in the State is fluid and the events happening are challenging to comprehend. Democratic Institutions which are the soul of every state have almost turned non-functional, crippling the infrastructure at the grass-root level. Plethora of grievances heaped over a period of time are left unattended by the present dispensation resulting in increased alienations at almost all levels,” Mir said, adding, “This could have been taken care of during “Summer Session of the State Legislature” which as a precedent used to be called by the Honourable Governor but the State Government is evading it this time for no valid reason. You may have to intervene and put the democratic process back on wheels to address the common man’s day to day affairs.” (KNS)