Press losing its freedom in India , Journalists loses their lives in acting tough against corrupt mafia

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By Fast Kashmir on 08/09/2017.

By Raja Shafqat Sheikh 


September 08 2047:      In Democratic India , Press is called as 4th piller of Democracy and every citizen of India is having right of freedom to speech and expression under Article 19 of Indian Constitution .

Under Article 19 , everyone who is residing in India is having to express his views and ideas as per constitutional rights.  But Unfortunately “Press” in India is losing freedom of speech as every coming day Journalist and Reproters are begin harassed and threatened by corrupt mafies not to act tough aganist their corrupt practices .

Everyone in society is watching his / her intrest toward poor masses , someone in society appericiated his/her work and corrupt mafies always criticise his / her working culture as the Journalist is acting tough against his corrupt practices .

In India Journalists are facing violent threats or attacks for their work . In India Journalist working in inter district and state are at risk who dares to speak truth and raise voice through print and electronic media . Reporter’s of small newspapers are facing hardship as they are not having any special protection and are rasing voice of poor masses to become state and national level Reporter of print or electronic media.

Few days ago killing of Gauri Lankesh Senior Journalist of India has again raised the question on the state authorities as the Gauri Lankesh recently in Karnataka, the journalist recently has said that due to her reporting she might be attacked but Congress government in Karnataka has failed to provide her the security.

The Journalists across whole India are always facing continuous threats from the corrupt mafias in the locality and political pressure. As All India Reporter’s Association National Chairman and General Secretary of India World Aid Organisation for Human Rights Amb Mohd Tariq Zaki  had filed a complaint to National Human Rights Commission Manav Adhikar Bhawan New Delhi and had demanded strick action involved  in killing of Gauri Lankesh .

Strengthening the 4th piller of democracy and supporting Article 19 of Indian Constitution  , State and district administration have to provide security to every journalists and social RTI activists who dares to expose the mafias and corrupt practices of officials through print and electronic media.

In Jammu and Kashmir , many Journalists , Reporter’s and other RTI activists are being harrased and facing threats from corrupt officials and politicians and creating their pressure on journalists and reporters , they leave no stone unturns to tourture his / her family by different ways .
Sometimes decision are taken in favor of corrupt mafias and officers by creating political pressure upon administration and investigating agencies.

One who is loyal toward his /her  profession and never afraid of loosing life but still need support so that  a journalist may serve society by presenting the truth in front of society through print and electronic media .

( The author is State Secretary AIRA Jammu and Kashmir , State Media Director WAOHR , Member Delhi Crime Press wa Bhrastachar Virodh Morcha, Member IHRCCO New Delhi and can be reached at [email protected], 09419974577 , 09018920786 .