Restrain from playing social media suicide game-Blue Whale: DAK

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By Fast Kashmir on 05/09/2017.

Restrain from playing social media suicide game-Blue Whale: DAK


‘DAK will organize a psychiatry camp regarding this issue’

Srinagar, Sep 05: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) President, Dr G M Mir cautioned parents about a social media game ‘Blue Whale’, saying that a new trend has started in the social media circles all over the world in which youngsters especially teenagers are becoming target of a particular suicidal game where a person is asked to do divergent tasks ranging from simple endeavors to even suicide.
DAK Spokesman, Dr Mir Mushtaq in a statement to KNS quoting Dr Nizam ud Din, Consultant Psychiatrist and Executive Member, said that patients in younger age group with mood disorders, borderline personality disorders (cluster B personality) , substance use disorders, impulsive disorders are at higher risk for these type of games because of their impulsivity, self harming behaviours, emotional instability, suicidality and anger outbursts. Parents, teachers, counsellors at schools and guardians are advised for early identification of such type of high risk behaviours and to take extra precautions and psychiatric interventions at the earliest.
Dr Nizam said that such type of disorders if picked up earlier is treatable and awareness through different mediums will play a vital role in this regard.
Dr Masood Rashid, Executive Member of the DAK said that in addition to its own duties towards its community DAK is committed in it’s social service including social awareness.
He further said that if need arises DAK will organize a Psychiatry camp regarding this issue. (KNS)